MEGamers Review of Call of Duty: World at War

MEGamers writes: "At the end of the day, what Treyarch did is take a perfectly blend recipe, add a little salt and pepper and release it as a full game. Call of Duty: World at War feels like it's nothing more than a mod to the acclaimed COD4 title. For now, we can't help but, agree that the flamethrower is the game's only poster child."

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buy a ps35300d ago

yes it feels like COD4 but I'm OK with that I mean i still played COD4 allot shortly before world at war was realest. and if it is a little better that COD4 give it a 10/10 because that is what you gave COD4 when it was released.

The Dark Knight5300d ago

when will cod 4 fanboys just stop b!tching.... yous are like a virus

TheIneffableBob5300d ago

I thought Call of Duty 4 was a pretty average game, but World at War is just bad.

The Dark Knight5300d ago

Both are the same damn game! everyone keeps saying cod 5 is cod 4 but crap... how is that possible?? if its the same then yous are calling cod 4 crap?

RussDeBuss5300d ago

its the same engine and plays the same and is on rails like cod4, but cod4 had a good story and the way it was told made u feel part of the game, cod5 i didnt have a clue what was going on half the time, it was just a run and gun experience, completly forgetable.

gta28005300d ago

Same engine, same game play, same graphics, etc, etc. However, it's still not the same thing. One of the reasons COD4 was a hit and this is just one of the reasons, is because it was a modern war game. Not a typical world war game we kept seeing. Personally, that's one of the reasons I liked the game. I love the middle eastern portion of the game when you're fighting the terrorists. I love the modern weapons(Javlin =), jet/chopper air strikes, M-16's, etc, etc). I'm pretty sure if Treyarch made this a modern war game it wouldn't receive as much criticism, maybe none at all. Until then, I'll be skipping WAW and I'll wait for Infinity Ward to released COD5.

InMyOpinion5300d ago

Is that the actor from Brokeback Mountain in your avatar?

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Another One5300d ago

is what feels like CoD4.5. I haven't played campaign, but from what I hear, it's better than CoD4. But since CoD4 was fairly good, I guess number 5 can't be bad.

Kleptic5300d ago not better than cod 4 in any real way...its like a WWII expansion or something...visually, its worse I thought...character models and animations seem off...death animations are almost completely broken (gravity and physics just seem screwed up, a body goes from standing to flat on the ground in like .1 seconds)...and the game has some major script bugs...


when trying to enter the reichstag towards the end of the game, whatever was supposed to trigger your ally shooting the pillar, which would then collapse and break the barbed wire blocking the steps...wasn't happening...I would just kill everyone, and my objective wouldn't change...and I just stood there...had to replay the entire level for whatever reason...

either way...the guns are pretty lame...and the entire game is 'been there done that' if you played any WWII game before...which you should have...

the game is ok, no better or worse than any of the other WWII CoD games...and easily better than BIA:HH...but Jack Bauer himself couldn't save this game from mediocrity...i'll have forgot about it by next week...

wibble5300d ago

and COD4 is really just COD3.5?

and COD3 is just COD2.5?

and COD2 is just COD1.5?

and COD1 is just Pacman with guns?

and pacman is just pong?

and blah blah blah..

PainisCupcake5300d ago

CoD3 just sucked if you played either of IWs previous CoD PC games, CoD3 was 0.25 at best.

gta28005300d ago

I don't think that's a fair comparison. COD4 was built on a different game engine than COD3.

PainisCupcake5299d ago

They couldve used the CoD2 engine maybe instead?

Slinger4205300d ago

World at War is one of the bloodiest and darkest war games out. Anyone that says the game isn't great is just a hater. The amount of polish in the game is insane. The only problem is the questionable a.i. but everything else is great. I still prefer COD4 multiplayer though.

Kleptic5300d ago

high polish?...ground textures looks like trash...particle effects have all kinds of clipping problems...animation looks hand drawn...and death animations are absolutely laughable...

lighting is ok...but is probably very above average...its just that I have been playing the killzone 2 beta for the past 2 weeks like non stop...which makes other game's lighting look a little...childish...

the loading screens are awesome...and yeah, the game is definitely gorier...but even that seem like its trying to hard...


the ending made that very clear to me...your Russian guy getting popped just before planting the flag, and your commander coming over and literally gutting the German that shot you in slow motion summed the game up overall imo...which I think reflects a lot of immaturity from the developers...the gore is never used to create a good atmosphere of how horrible war is...its used for ra ra action movie crap...I always thought I would prefer a gorier WWII shooter, thinking it would make the game more realistic...and now i realized I was totally the gore wasn't used in the way it should have been...and the tamer action focused original CoD's seemed to fit better...

I didn't have the same thoughts on CoD its a fictional story, not really recreating anything...and yet its far less bloody than world at war...there is blood spray and stuff...but nothing like the world at war's direct rip-offs of several movies (Enemy at the Gates...the shooting the bodies in the center fountain...that is the THIRD time CoD has ripped off this movie...its getting old...let it go...)...or the guy being tortured and then having his throat slit at the opening of the game...

its poor taste i mentioned earlier...treyarch wasn't using the gore in a way that it should have been...they should have shown less of it actually happening, leaving more of the gore for you to discover after the terrible stuff happened...which could actually build tension or a feeling of 'it really must have sucked to be there'...instead they try to use it in a way that results in no emotion know nothing about the people being tortured, it just shows you...just to show you...yeah, that stuff happened...but the developers could have very easily used it in a way that didn't seem so 80's war movie'ish...

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