One Voice Announces Voice Control for Xbox 360

One Voice Technologies announced today Media Center Communicator v3 for Windows Vista, which will allow users to control up to five Xbox 360 video game systems by simply speaking to play music, videos, watch recorded TV or play photo slideshows.

Features include:

* Simple to use voice commands with no voice training required
* High accuracy with wide range of accents
* Voice commands for Xbox 360
* Play MP3 or Apple iTunes music using voice commands
* PC-to-Phone calling using Skype to anywhere worldwide
* Home automation for setting thermostats, lighting, security cameras and much more
* Read and send email
* View photos and photo slideshows
* Create your own custom voice macros to launch websites and applications
* Works with Media Center DVD players (Sony and Niveus)
* USB microphone included

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nstott5718d ago

I was hoping someone would implement speech recognition through media center. Thanks for the post syko.

gogators5717d ago

is this suppose to be available?

nstott5717d ago

it looks like it will be a usb microphone that will listen for commands so you don't have to wear a headset. There is a beta currently underway, which you can e-mail [email protected] to be in on the beta if you send them your contact info. Here is a website talking about it.

Mikey_Gee5717d ago

... it is not riddled with the amount of bugs and glitches the current head set has.

I really liked mine, the but amount of problems was enough for me to return it !!