Gamer Limit: Too Human Backlog Review

From the review:
"I wanted Too Human to be a fantastic game. What it has turned out to be is many interesting ideas all shoved together into a mediocre package. The story failed to provide an epic feel, coming off cheesy and confusing The game play is hampered with technical problems. It seems that the only redeeming qualities are the RPG elements and the Co-op play, but even those are not stellar. It seems that Too Human is a terrible game; but some how I kept finding myself drawn to it. I wanted to play more, to reach the next level. Through all the shortcomings I still had fun; I was left wanting more. I want a sequel. One that fixes the problems of course; if not then I will not be completing this trilogy; but I wanted one none the less. There is some fun to be had in Too Human and I encourage all to give it a go."

Presentation - 7.5
Gameplay - 7.5
Sound - 5.5
Lastability - 7.0

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