Min Min Revealed As Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Next Fighter

Available later this month

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What is Smash Bros.' Future?

Sung Lee: Super Smash Bros. would not be where it is today without its legendary director, Masahiro Sakurai. After Ultimate, where does Smash go?

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anast45d ago

A copy paste Smash Bros 2 is on the horizon.

DogJosha45d ago

Smash bros has some of the worst online programming decisions I've ever seen in a game. I pray the next one isn't touched by Sakurai and gets a competent online programmer.

Terry_B45d ago

A Smash Game being multiplatform with characters from many more video game companies would be..great.

gold_drake45d ago

the limitation the hardware provides.


The Next Smash Bros is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was one of the greatest platform fighters around, and that may put its successor and Nintendo in a tough spot.

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Yi-Long52d ago

It’s probably best to keep the current game, and just expand on that.

If/when this game releases on the next console (Switch 2, Super Switch, or whatever it will be called), just include the two expansions, update/upgrade the graphics, throw in some cool new stuff like dynamic weather/lighting perhaps, some cool new stages, and 10-12 new characters, plus alternative looks/outfits for existing cast, and it should be great.

2moda5gamer52d ago

Sakurai will stay on and help raise a new director for the next one. It'll be a solid long few years before it will come out though and likely have some new gimmick or refresh.
Too hard to top Ultimate from just doing the same.

Yi-Long52d ago

Perhaps they should take a page out of Power Stone’s book and do isometric top-down 3D levels …

FinalFantasyFanatic52d ago

If I remember right, Sakurai said they'd probably never do a Smash game as large as Ultimate again, and Ultimate is stupidly packed with a lot of content (fighters/level/story-mode/ect ...). I could be happy with Ultimate for a long time time.

Becuzisaid52d ago

What this needs is a massive campaign storyline. Single player or co-op. Have characters travel between franchises and some kind league of bad guys crossing over between games. Make it epic, ala how Mortal Kombat does it. Between story moments transition seamlessly to combat arenas. About the only thing to set it apart from the last games.

Becuzisaid51d ago

I remember Brawl had more of a focused campaign but was it really that fleshed out? I wasn't really into Smash back then, didn't have a GameCube.

Pepsi_Man300052d ago

I still don't even think ultimate is THAT great. There's a lot that they can do. Revamp movesets, bring back Custom specials, have new mini games, plenty of new stages they can create, bring back boss battles, etc. Just having a lot of characters and stages doesnt make this the ultimate smash to me. Melee and Brawl felt like much more fleshed out games than ultimate.

Michiel198952d ago

no one used the custom moves, they did revamp the movesets for ultimate but not to the degree that I think you're satisfied with. I honestly don't know how you can say Melee and Brawl were more fleshed out with a straight face, you might like them more but in no way, shape or form can you say they are more fleshed out than ultimate, that's just factually wrong. Most of the things in Melee that raised it to godtier level were unintentional bugs because they had to crank the game out in one year or so.

Pepsi_Man300050d ago (Edited 50d ago )

By custom moves I mean something like being able to swap mario's up B move with maybe some kind of tanuki thing or cat suit recovery move. I think major changes like that would be much more welcome than just making him shoot a faster fireball or something.

Also I say melee felt more fleshed out cuz it introduced all sorts of shit. The trophies, adventure mode, all star, special melee, event matches, home run contest, multi man, etc and brawl just added even more to that with subspace, challenges, boss battles, coin blast, masterpieces, etc. Ultimate didnt really add all that much content like that. World of light sucks, the spirits are pretty ok but nothing special, and other modes are just returning modes like mob smash, homerun, and classic.

Ultimate is still great but its main thing is the big roster of characters and stages. Thats not enough for me to say its the best smash ever and that it cant be topped. It definitely can

gleepot52d ago

yeah im not sure how it would be topped

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Sakurai can't imagine Smash Bros. without him, will take some time to figure out another one

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai talks about the future of the series and his involvement.

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Becuzisaid55d ago

Kinda hard to imagine them outdoing Ultimate, but if I were him I'd stick to retirement. Go out on that high note.

DarXyde55d ago

I don't think you outdo Ultimate. From here, you pretty much just reboot the series. I think that's the only play here.

Unfortunately, I suspect we're getting a small roster, followed by a ton of DLC post-launch.

Darkegg54d ago

It’s character selection. One example cuphead. That my kids would love. They can always add more with the quality work they do.

gold_drake54d ago

they definitely find themselves in a sort of difficult spot, fans absolutely want all the characters back in the next game.