The Modded Controller Underground: Cheating is the Cancer of Online Gaming

Alex Marra of SmashPad writes:

"Unfortunately for the honest among us, AimBots are the least of our worries now. A plague of modded controllers have now entered circulation among gamers. These controllers are used to center on a target's head, pull the trigger, and move on. Others are used to make the buttons easier and faster to push, or are modified with a rapid-fire button (like an old SNES controller) to make mowing down hordes of foes incredibly easier.

Need proof?

Check out this image we lifted from a controller modification website."

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AnthonyPerez4250d ago

There will always be people that cheat, but what sick pleasure could they possibly get out of winning rigged games? It makes no sense whatsoever. "Yeah, let's just ruin a perfectly fun game by having me win all the time without trying!"

Is it ok for me to say 'douchebags'?

PistolPumptMonk4249d ago

Ugh so true people who cheat on games online need to get a life.

Some great games for me like Killzone: Liberation on PSP were truly ruined because of people cheating online.

DocEvil4249d ago

So moronic uber losers that suck at just about every aspect of their life can actually win at something without an ounce of the effort it takes to be good at something. That lack of effort happens to be the reason they suck sooooooo bad at life. Ironically, these guys will shoot off all manner of insults when they beat you too. I wish there was a word that meant 'most pathetic, least useful individual on earth'.

TheDude2dot04249d ago

Oh great idea. Report this problem on the internet so everyone knows how to do this.


why stop at killzone? socom both on the psp and ps2 were ruined im sure a lot of people heard of code 9 on socom online? people who do that wants to ruin the legit players

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JayTee09024250d ago

Modded controllers? That's just ridiculously cheap. God, I think I hate cheaters more than fanboys.

Tarasque4249d ago

Surely you don't believe this crap do you? Sure you can rapid fire on a controller, but know way shape or form can a controller be used as a aimbot. A controller only sends signals it doesn't receive player locations or anything like that. If you believe this article then you are as stupid as it is.

xhairs94249d ago's a modded controller, meaning you don't know whats inside it. Who knows, there could be some sort of processor in it now with a simple program to detect this stuff. Maybe some software beside the controller even, who knows, but it CAN be done.

spec_ops_comm4249d ago

I read some EGM article a year or so ago that did an interview with MLG gamers. The interviewee said that many MLG gamers make modifications to their controllers to make the analogs quicker to move, triggers springloaded faster and buttons smoother.

I don't really see this as cheating at all. Just like in any competitive sport, players do what they can to get an advantage. Hockey players have custom curved sticks. Auto racers adjust downforce, gear timing, etc. to make their vehicle milliseconds faster. Even Olympic runners spend $1000s on one-of-a-kind shoes to give them any advantage possible.

As long as these gamers don't put some microprocessor into their controller that messes with/exploits the code of the game, I don't see a problem with actual controller customizations :)

xhairs94249d ago

If it's manipulating game play it's cheating. As far as modding your controller for quicker trigger springs etc. that's perfectly fine because you're not modifying the game play. The quicker trigger is not giving you a headshot.

As far as modifying your controller for "turbo" play, that could be considered cheating in a way. You're not playing the game it was officially made (aka it's not an automatic rifle, it's a singe-shot rifle). And with the aim-bot you're modifying the gameplay by having your controller auto-aim at heads.

freddukes4249d ago

Okay... To really get current players locations you need to access the dll of the game and each game is different... There's no hardware possibly that can do this - only software to access the dll's functions using complex signature scans to access hidden methods and get content, store them in some sort of RAM, manipulate, then access YOUR client game again to alter the way things are done - most likely through console commands. This is easily possible on your PC - but in a controller not likely...

Okay - turbo is easily possible, smoother analogue sticks etc etc all possible due to they are limited to your hardware.

My 2p - with all my coding knowledge there is not a possible way of doing this using a controller...

However, if you show me otherwise I'll thank you for the information and appologize for putting forward incorrect information.


xhairs94249d ago

It could be a pre-loaded controller with the software installed making it a closed processor. Can be done, was it done? Who knows, someone buy it and let us know.

Though I do believe the author wrote this wrong and should have said that the aim-bot and the turbo trigger were two different things..1 being a controller mod and the other being a software mod.

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Lets-Game4250d ago

i hope they wont manage to mode ps3 controllers too, biggest advantage of consoles are that there are no cheaters. hope it stays that way.

gamesR4fun4249d ago

so all they need is the dohickey to plug it into the ps3...

Tarasque4249d ago

Well you know what, if you think it is more of a 360 problem with rapid fire controller's on the 360 than the PS3 then you are mistaken. And plus it is obvious that having a open network (like the PS3)allows user created stuff to work more effectively than on a closed P2P network. Cause we all know you can't program a controller to aim for you, it is impossible.

socomnick4249d ago

Actually the ps3 is prone to more cheating, you guys remember that glitch on the ps3 version of cod4 where you could be invisible and fly and rain death on the enemy.

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Rob0g0rilla4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

I hope there's a way to stop this. They can use this cheating garbage on COD4 as well. Just look it up on youtube.

cherrypie4249d ago

"A plague of modded controllers have now entered circulation among gamers. These controllers are used to center on a target's head, pull the trigger, and move on."


Your **CONTROLLER** has no idea where an on-screen character's head is.

This article is just too stupid for words -- who approved this crap?

Itrguy0014249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

your absoulute stupidity. ppl can program their controllers to aim for the head and have no recoil whatsoever. the problem is how long it takes and if they screw up they have to spend more time and resources to do it before they can have it perfected.

edit: they should have a report button for absoulte stupidness for ppl like u cherrypie. whoever agrees with cherry is stupid also because ppl have put programs in thier 360 controller

SnprSlick4249d ago

are you joking ltrguy?

First off:
"your absoulute stupidity"

No, your controller has no idea where an on screen character is. Nor will it ever be able to. The console sends 0 indication of where your player is or other players are to the controller. A controller is a "write-only" device if you will. It sends signals. It doesn't receive them. (with exception to the guide button on the 360 and controller port numbers)

If you really think that controllers can be turned into Aimbots, you are one of the people who thinks that everyone that beats them cheats. I hate those kind of people.

outlawlife4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

i believe it is referring to an exploit in cod4 where if you move very slightly and fire at the exact same time you will get a headshot on anyone in front of you, even if they are the whole way across the map without aiming at all

it is a form of sweep sniping but it requires very precise timing, i've heard rumors of controllers that time that movement perfectly when you fire, although i've never seen one personally

you can also do it going from crouch to prone if you perfectly time the shot, i'm guessing that is what he is talking about

the controller doesn't aim, it just exploits a glitch in the controls and how it interacts with the aiming reticle

SnprSlick4249d ago

outlaw, that makes sense. But ltr guy basicly said. "the controller finds the person and headshots them"

The controler outlaw is referring to helps you shoot in a straight line.

cherrypie4249d ago

" Agree(2) | Disagree(5) |"

N4G: Never a collection of more stupid people been gathered.

What a joke.

Proxy4249d ago

My cell phone is better suited to become an aim bot then a controller is.

GarandShooter4249d ago

'A controller is a "write-only" device if you will. It sends signals. It doesn't receive them. (with exception to the guide button on the 360 and controller port numbers)'

So how does the controller 'know' when to rumble if it's not receiving a signal? Controllers definitely receive signals from the software/console.

Now, whether that can be turned into a 'headshot mod' is another matter altogether.

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