EA Exec Reveals Listening to Fans Helped Bring about Exciting New Games

Laura Miele recently talked with about the great results EA got for listening to their fans and letting developers follow passion.

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-Foxtrot53d ago

What games?

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order? I mean it was really good but I wouldn’t really use it to make a point, it was one alright game out of like a dozen bad ones, it kind of made it look even better in comparison.

Mr Marvel53d ago

I would call it great, but I agree with you, one great game in all the years they’ve had the Star Wars licence is not enough.

WhatAboutBigBob53d ago

They stopped listening to Madden fans over ten years ago; yet we still buy it every year when we say will not. We say "We are not going to buy it until they start listening to us", but we are the first ones in line to buy it. We suck.

Minute Man 72153d ago

Last Madden I bought new was madden 09

neutralgamer199253d ago

Use to buy sports title simply stopped because they aren't worth it. Sports titles should be done on every other year and in between we should get an official patch/update which costs like $20

But when ultimate teams and online casino gambling generates billions for EA and Take Two combined than why would they stop

MontyeKristo52d ago

Why should we even pay for an official update, when players have made roster updates - and what more do you need?

Pughski53d ago

Last Madden I got was 07, sooo

AngelicIceDiamond53d ago

EA Play showed nothing of EA listening to anyone. The past 3 or 4 years there hasn't been a reason to care about any of EA's events.

Spenok52d ago

Yep, Skate 4 definitely shows they're not listening. Same with cross-play, no paid dlc, and zero microtransactions on SW Squadrons DEFINITELY shows they haven't listened to a single word...

AngelicIceDiamond52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Skate 4? They did the exact same type of announcement for Mirrors Edge 2 right at the beginning of this gen at E3. This once it launched it fell to the way side. Uninspired, empty world very underwhelming characters overall forgettable. It was like a side project for them. There's gonna be some crummy monetization scheme with Skate 4, Community based sounds good but it'll be live service game, shipped with barely any features then update later. No new next gen announcements, sports fans being scammed another year paying for the exact same game. No Anthem season 2 was mentioned not even a developer update. Not a single new Star Wars game that they promised us 3 to 4 years ago but Squadrons and Star Wars Fallen Order survived EA's holocaust because they cancelled the rest of them. If crossplay and no paid DLC is the only thing to take out of their event then EA is moving at a snails pace if those things are to be celebrated.

Mr Marvel53d ago

Star Wars: 1313 confirmed!

boing153d ago

I'm super hyped for new Skate!

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The story is too old to be commented.