Quantic Dream Reacts With Rave Comments To The PS5 Reveal

Some interesting PS5 Reactions have arrived from Quantic Dream and their crew had great things to say about the pending system.

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RazzerRedux161d ago

"Now, the ultra-fast SSD is also great news to me! I think it’s going to be a real leap forward in the quality of future games. The boosted reading speed will allow us to have much higher resolution textures, for example, since we can load them at an unprecedented speed. That means games with much more detail that we’ve had before, even on PC."

SSD helps visuals by allowing higher rez textures? That sounds pretty cool.

Garethvk161d ago

I am very interested in this and will be moving over my old HDs to SSD down the line.

IRetrouk161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Wont make a difference im afraid, well not in the way your old stuff will run, the game has to be built to use the higher speed systems, just changing to an ssd will help with loading current stuff, but that's about it.

Garethvk161d ago

It was more in line for a new one I build. I do not need to yet and do not want the hassle so I may just use it for a future build.

bouzebbal160d ago

Was actually wondering if there is any advantage in putting an ssd in ps4.. Only as far as load screens are concerned

IRetrouk161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Stop it!! All the experts know fast SSDs and ios wont help make graphics look any better, it's only for loading times!!/s

AnnaDea161d ago

No, it's about how fast data in sent between the processor and the memory.

The infamous texture pop-in in FF VIIR is a valid game to bring up as comparison. That would be eliminated with the SSD because of the extremely much faster speed.

Video gaming has gone back to the snes times with zero loading screens again. This his made developers having no more constraint of building their creative worlds again.

Neonridr161d ago

put it this way, it isn't going to let the game run at a higher native resolution or frame rate. But there are definitely other benefits to this that we will learn to appreciate. It's a welcome change, but not necessarily something you will see only visually. A lot will be going on behind the scenes.

IRetrouk161d ago

@Anna, I'm aware, I'm just being a sarcastic c**t today, couldn't help myself.

@neon, same as above

Smclaren1985161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Actually it plays a huge role because it can load huge amounts of data at any second it allows the gpu to draw in high quality textures in almost instantly because of the IO speed througput , It’s not just a standard ssd the whole system is designed around it. With a dedicated spu , that eliminates the drawbacks of standard storage working along side the geometry engine which takes huge work loads off the gpu to draw in higher quality textures with little cost .unreal engine 5 demonstrated it .That gave an example of textures way beyond usual quality straight from movie used renders 8k drawn in instantly then down scaled to 4K. Imagine what first party studios will be able to do. Did u see horizon zero dawn 2?! You can’t possibly argue now that the proof is out there for all to see . Developers arnt coming forward expressing how impressive it is simply because of loading . If you understood anything about game design you would realize how dated that is that argument was valid before anyone knew anything about it but it’s hardly valid now

ElementX161d ago

The UE5 demo was using movie quality assets which won't be used in games. There are rumors that the demo was 100s of GB in size! No way those would make it into games any time soon. 4k assets are still going to be used along with 2k and 1k textures, depending up on the scenario.

"For any reasonably complex game with a lot of different environments, I think it's safe to say that it will use thousands of textures. Let's just toss out 10,000 as a nice round number.

Going with Unreal Engine file sizes, for 1K textures (basically a "high quality" texture), the game would need 13.3GB of textures. Bump up the resolution to 2K textures and that jumps to 53.3GB. And if you want the latest and greatest 4K textures, you're looking at 223.7GB."

All textures get loaded into RAM first. There won't be enough RAM for several hundred 4k textures, let alone 8k textures. Here's a comparison between a 2k and 4k texture, they are almost indistinguishable.

MWH161d ago

I don't care about the reason of your comment but do yourself a favor and don't talk about things you don't know about please because you will not look good, that's a general advice. Nothing is personal but i work in technology and it pains me to see the information deliberitly misused for some purposes.

RazzerRedux161d ago (Edited 161d ago )


Dude.....some people seem to be social distancing from their own sense of humor. lol


"Nothing is personal but i work in technology"

And? I work in tech as well. Is that supposed to mean something to......anyone? Does a joke about tech trigger you somehow cuz you are so damn serious about your "work"? lol....just silly.

"information deliberitly misused"

lol....oh please. IRetrouk was being sarcastic. Get over yourself, dude.

IRetrouk161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Thanks razzer, not sure what's got Peeps so wound up? I even added the /s🤷‍♂️😂

Did everyone else get out of the wrong bed today or what?😂 it was a joke, I know what benefits the ssd and io will bring, ive been saying it since we found out the new consoles would be using SSDs and custom io.

@ mwh, wow so you know tech, yet didnt see the /s? Ok then mastermind, sorry for joking about, I will be deadly serious from now on.

rainslacker161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Once again. There are no 4K textures. 4K is a screen resolution. Textures can be any size, usually in increments of 256. If an object doesn't require a 2048 x whatever sized texture, there's no reason to make all the texture that big. Some textures are even bigger than 2048x2048. A small 1024x1024 texture can be a larger file size than a 4096x4096 if there is more detail and it's not as compressed. Compressed textures tend to introduce bluriness to objects as when textures are mapped to an object, those pixels are often stretched across a plane which isn't completely flat, thus, compression variances show up more.

The quality of the texture is the amount of detail it holds within the pixels that it does have. There are also multiple layers to many textures which are often not used in games today, despite the GPU being able to handle them, because they make the texture too large in size.

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161d ago
Hakuoro161d ago

No no no obviously he's lying and paid by Sony to say this.


sampsonon161d ago

It's funny cause Cerny said that at the spec reveal, everyone thought was boring, and Sweany said the same thing for the UE5 reveal.

I guess people need to hear it a few times for it to process.

Garethvk161d ago

I think for many the proof will be in the play. We go to CES yearly and you always have companies touting the range and specs of their hardware. One company touted a gaming headset that offered a range of audio that they claimed nobody on the market had. Another company told ua that is nice for a demo that was made for the show but their is no game or media coming that can take advantage of it as there was nothing in the pipeline to support it. There was a company who had 1600 headphones which honestly to me sounded worse than their 199 sets. I also remember at Sierra how people would get all bent over Nascar 4 and how many FPS they got. We would say ok. How does it look.. great
How does it and smooth. Ok any stuttering or

But I am only getting 30 FPS and my system is a ....

It all comes down to performance as all the chatter about the hardware does not fully matter if it is not used properly.

rainslacker161d ago

Probably help more when they can see it in action. As time goes on, it's going to be hard to ignore that it actually makes a difference. The deliberate ignorance some people are exhibiting doesn't hold up in the face of tangible results.....hence why most Sony games that got criticized before release, usually had that criticism die down real quick once it got into people's hands.

alb1899161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

For now all I can see is games running at 30fps.
Just today I have read that Dirty 5 will run at 120fps on the SX and there isn't any answers from Sony.
I read just a bunch theories from Sony SSD.

RazzerRedux161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

You know nothing. You don't know which games will run at 30/60/120. Not for PS5. Not for XSX. Everything you've seen from Xbox was running on PC.

Will Dirt 5 run at 120 on PS5? You don't know. Since when does Sony speak for the Dirt devs who have a partnership with Microsoft?

You read what you want to read and no more. You are trying to make a point from a position of ignorance. Why? Oh....stupid question. lol

What is entirely amazing to me is that Microsoft promotes their SSD and you say.......nothing. Sony? Here you are. You are downplaying tech when it suits you.

IRetrouk161d ago

Nope they just ain't talking about it yet, still plenty of time before launch yet.

"Will the PlayStation 5 have the 120 framerate mode and will it upgrade if you own the PS4 version of DiRT 5?"

"RK: It's really important for us to work closely with first-party platform holders and have a good relationship with them. We don't want to talk about anything until they're ready to talk about things. As the campaign goes on, both for the PS5 and DiRT 5, you'll hear more updates from both of us on those things."

alb1899161d ago

Razzer, take it easy fanboy, in the MS presentation you will see the reality you don't want to see. People were asking to prioritize on fps and that is what MS will give to them. The most powerful console were all multiplatform can play better.

rainslacker161d ago

Why would Sony talk about Dirt 5?

Also, if it's a problem for you, just play it elsewhere. The extreme vast majority don't care about frame rate, and would prefer prettier graphics.

cesar4161d ago

Are you really so clueless about tech that you actually think 2 tf is going to be the difference between 30 FPS and even 60 much less 120. I guess you feel like it’s a clever comeback but honesty it just makes you seem dumb.

Both consoles are going to have the same frame rate targets in multi platform games, the only difference will be very minor things related to post processing.

RazzerRedux161d ago

Hilarious. You call me a fanboy when you are yapping like an Aaron Greenberg protégé.

yeah....I hope we do get more answers. Complete answers. Not vague bullshit like Gears 5 running over 100 fps....but conveniently leaving out at what resolution. I hope we get answers about whether we will be able to turn off RT to achieve higher frame rates like with R&C and Spider-Man. So much we don't know and yet ignorant fanboys keep yapping "30fps" as if there is nothing more to know than that.

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Garethvk161d ago

I also think that with any new consile ability it will take time for consumers to fully understand what the system is capable of. There will also be system updates and developers will constantly be refining and expanding the games going forward.

rainslacker161d ago

Systems could use higher res textures now. In fact, what is used on the base or mid-gens isn't as high quality as these GPU's can handle. The reason that they aren't as high quality though is because all, or at least most, of those textures have to be loaded in as the level loads, which means having to reduce their quality, thus their size, so they can fit them all into memory.

Streaming textures allows for more or higher quality assets on current gen already, but because they aren't almost instantaneous, they need to plan the level in a way that makes sure they aren't needed almost instantly.

FyBy160d ago

Of course, if you dont have enough ram to put it all there. Think.

RazzerRedux160d ago

Think? I'm no game dev and not pretending to be. What's your problem?

nismo370160d ago

"But let me say it again: it’s going to take a few years to deal with so much more horsepower, and so the change within the games won’t be visible right away in a very significant manner. For the time being, it’s mostly the loading speed that will be drastically reduced."

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IRetrouk161d ago

It's all payed for lies!!! Lies I tell ya!!!


Just incase.

Smclaren1985161d ago

They are using them fir specific assets not throughout the whole game I never once said that. It was running and playable on the console , look at the texture detail in horizon 2 epic didn’t come forward and show it fir no apparent reason it will take developers time to get used to the hardware yes but as time goes on it’s going to allow them to stream in much higher textures, kraken also helps as it compresses the textures down to allow them to be streamed instantly with little cost. It’s exact what unreal 5 was doing and it was playable do you think they were lying they spent a whole year developing it to demonstrate it fir no reason?!?!

IRetrouk161d ago

Did you reply to the wrong comment line?

OB1Biker161d ago

Sometimes I miss the 'Sony is broke' narrative haha.
There was more ... idk .. pride?

IRetrouk161d ago

I remember those days well lol, fun times 😂

rainslacker161d ago

On the plus side, the age old, "Sony has no games" narrative is starting to make the rounds again. I was wondering when that might make a come back, then wondered how the people that use that line could possibly say such a thing with a straight face after this gen.

Hedstrom161d ago

Yea, they hade 8k textures on the UT5 demo because of the SSD speed!

SierraGuy161d ago

Oh please.... running that UE5 tech demo would overheat and melt XSX gpu 😄

rlow1161d ago

I'm a little on the fence in terms of how much of an impact this will have up front. But the tech is cool and a huge leap in ssd performance. I'm curious to see if Sony will come out for the ssd drive for the PCs and laptops. They could do really well in the market

sampsonon161d ago

Actually, Sony is allowing their tech to be sold around a year after the ps5's launch.
Pretty cool if you ask me.

rlow1161d ago

They'd be smart to sell it. I know alot of pc gamers, video editors and anyone with large storage needs that would love the speeds that it would bring.

rainslacker161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

That would really be a kick in the balls for MS. They're trying to hard to be the PC source for gaming with DirectX. Most of that is on the development side, but they've obviously started pushing into the consumer side of things again. Most people aren't aware of the fight between Vulcan and DX that's been ongoing for a while now. DX is keeping up mostly because it has a more diverse feature set for things that aren't related to the rendering path....whereas Vulcan/OGL is mostly just a rendering API.

But, Sony having the SSD tech, especially if they manage the IO speeds on PC, and if they can partner with AMD for Vulcan cards, they could take a lot of mindshare away from DX based programming on PC. I'm not really sure how much of what Sony did with the PS5 is possible in the PC though, as it's still going to have to have the OS controlling some things. Plus, Sony doesn't own all the tech that was built into the PS5, and likely there will be disparate competitors in the market.

Still too soon to tell how that plays out though, but I could see Sony leveraging their console games to help push that side of things. Plus, it would also make it so devs are more likely to adopt SSD faster, because PC is going to be a hold back for multi-plat games for quite some time I'm afraid.

sampsonon161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

@rainslacker: From my understanding it's customized Sony components. I mean, they are a hardware company.,

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