Titanfall 2 is more popular than every Battlefield game combined on Steam

Metal Messiah from DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts recently released a new set of games on Valve’s distribution service, including Dead Space 3, Titanfall 2, Sims 4 etc. Since its release on Steam, Titanfall 2 has been selling extremely well, and it has also become more popular than every Battlefield game combined."

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isarai398d ago

GOOD! Respawn deserve it, they made such a great game, are amazingly talented, and are one of the few of their caliber that just focus on making a fun game rather than a cash cow through manipulation.

roadkillers397d ago

Haha, fans will turn on them like every other studio. Remember when Rockstar, Valve, Bungie, Naughty Dog, and various other publishers could do no wrong to their fans? Same with celebrities, fans are so fickle. At some point they will turn on CD Project, Respawn, Guerrilla, and yes Suck Punch.

What’s that quote? If you don’t die a hero, you will live long enough to become the villain.

MetalGearsofWar397d ago

Valve and bungie are still respected

L7CHAPEL397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

I'm sorry,
do I owe a company loyalty and accolades if they take their customers for granted, and start releasing shit?...
"turned on"
only if you start engaging in shitty practices, release broken unfinished games, laden with microtransactions and don't support/ listen to the community.
yeah those things do happen.
when they change directions and fuck things up.
I remember ghost recon being a fantastic franchise before the last one, they still have a patch or two to go to make that right.
doesn't matter how exalted you are, you're as good as your last game.

Rachel_Alucard397d ago


Valve yes, but Bungie all I ever hear now is how worse Destiny 2 got after they split with Acti. That IP has only caused hate and mediocrity since it was released.

purple101398d ago

Can't wait to play it! . It's on my back catalog of free PS+ games.

The system is good. You click on the games you want, but do not have to download them at that time, as long as you click before the months up, the games are free for you whenever, forever.

Rocketisleague397d ago

Wow, if you look at the comments he has made. Looks like a paid marketer?

purple101396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

Yes . Just a Sony lover though. No agenda other than that and letting people who don't know.... How ps+ works. Any problem with that?

Rocketisleague396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

No problem, just weird, maybe apply as a Sony marketer. You can learn how companies really work

DaReapa397d ago

TF2 is a surprisingly great game. I got it along with BF1 on a $5 download code sale from Amazon last year. Wish I was able to transfer it to my Steam account.

PyroMessiah86397d ago

Say it with me now....

Please! 😁 Much rather that than more battle royale stuff.

Rocketisleague397d ago

Been loving apex tbh. Great game I don't get why playerbase is update today. Mixture of halo...Titanfall, overwatch

L7CHAPEL397d ago

that's one of the things about some of these games when they have a free-to-play component to them.
if the game doesn't get support from players, they can't really support the title like they could or should, and so the player base drops, but it takes revenue for them to keep the player base engaged with content...
Titanfall didn't get the sales at needed to to get the support, at least so far. (we'll see how it goes on PC) and Apex is one of the few games that doesn't Force microtransactions as egregiously as it could, (perhaps that's changed I haven't played it in quite a while myself more of a single player co-op person) you're always going to get those people that are nothing but freeloaders that don't understand that free-to-play doesn't mean: pay absolutely nothing to play ever, and then bitch when the game isn't getting supported.
it is a catch-22.

Rachel_Alucard397d ago

It's another BR game. People want giant mechs, an actual team deathmatch, and all the movement mechanics from Titanfall.

Batnut00397d ago

Good, it’s a shame it didn’t do better because it was such a step up in almost every way.

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