Europe-Nintendo: Superman (N64) Review

Europe-Nintendo.com writes "Based on DC comics' popular superhero, the Superman video game on the Nintendo 64 (nicknamed Superman 64) was released in 1999, and what came with it disappointed many gamers far and wide. In fact, it is widely regarded as one of the (or in some cases the) worst games ever created. It just might be the most infamous Nintendo 64 game ever made.

Well, after nearly a decade, out of curiosity I decided that I would get the game and see what all of the hate was about. Well, now I know why it's so hated. Yes, it is in fact an abysmal game that Nintendo should never have allowed to "grace" (and I use that word loosely) their system. Actually, I find it hilarious that this atrocity is the final version of the game."

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PirateThom5419d ago

When I first read that I thought it said "9/10" and then I realised, it was 9/100 and it was still too high a score

The Matrix5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

Are you kidding? Seriously...

Bubble Buddy5419d ago


BigKev455419d ago

EA's version was pretty bad as well.

HeavyweightInTheGame5419d ago

I was actually excited for this game's release back then. I literally returned it to Blockbuster saying it was broken so I could get another game after playing it for about ten minutes.

ahnonamis5419d ago

I was such a stubborn kid I actually went and beat the game.

I'm surprised I could get through high school and college after that harrowing experience...

TheColbertinator5419d ago

Quite possibly one of the worst most broken games ever made in all of gaming.The N64 had a great track record with Zelda,Banjo Kazooie,Goldeneye,and F-Zero but this piece of garbage had to stain the N64 reputation.Truly a horrendous wreck

Silogon5419d ago

I've still played worse... Conan on the nes for instance. Star voyager on the nes. Wrath of the black manta. Tail of the sun. In cold blood. Countdown. I can go on and on... Superman 64 is not the worst game ever made. Not by a long shot.

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FreeckyCake6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

They already made a couple of " The Mummy " games, and honestly, they all sucked big time. The Last one I've played was the game iteration of Tom of the Dragon Emperor, and that was disappointing.

Dredd has been made into ... I think 4 games? the last one I played was Judge Dredd vs Death. It was based on the comics, and it ended in a cliffhanger. If only a sequel were to be made...

Edit: Still a great topic, though!

I think the closest you can have to Kill Bill is No More Heroes 1. The vibes, the coolness, the gore and everything just screams Kill Bill! Kill Bill! Kill BIll!!!! haha


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