Google Stadia is probably the best place to play Elder Scrolls Online

TSA writes: "Along with a cool pint in a beer garden on a summer’s day, or plunging into an icy shower after a jaunt in a sauna, (remember any of those things?) there’s nothing quite as refreshing for gamers as being able to clear 100Gb from your hard drive with a clear conscience. As titles become more extravagant, with expansive worlds and higher production values, game installs have become ever more bloated, threatening to squeeze out other, more restrained games from your daily life. Elder Scrolls Online has been a major culprit for many years, but now, with its arrival on Stadia, that’s all just melted away for me."

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Christopher46d ago

Does all my stuff transfer over from console? No?

Not really the best then.

Skate-AK46d ago

Can you play with PC people? Would be pretty hard to have a MMO exclusive to the Stadia servers. As far as I know, Destiny 2 players can only play with other Stadia owners. That is horrible.