Coreupt for PC & Next-Gen Consoles Shows Winry in Action & New Art; It'll Support Rollback Netcode

Coreupt creator Jesse Wright shared more gameplay and artwork of the upcoming fighting game, and revealed it'll support Rollback Netcode.

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lucian229480d ago

ack, why do western fighting games always look so stiff and bad aka MK, Killer instinct and this?

Magic_Spatula480d ago

Taste I guess? KI animations aren't that bad. NetherRealm's animations on the other hand are pretty bad except in cutscenes where it's all motion captured. Not sure how most of those studios do their animations but Capcom's method is probably one of the best, using key poses and animating the transitions between them by hand. Or go the route that Harada does with Tekken and Soul Calibur. Mo-cap as much as you can but manually adjust the animations for impact and visual style. Also, most western fighting devs are smaller studios and they don't have the budget and time that Namco or Capcom do. NetherRealm's excuse? I don't know. Most of their in game animations don't look good. They honestly need a new animation team who understands how a human body moves. Arc System Works probably understands how to mix traditional 2D animation techniques with 3D models the best. Just look at how amazing the animations are in Guilty Gear Xrd, DragonBall FighterZ, and Granblue Fantasy Versus. They're freaking amazing to look at.