"Rare Treasure and Riches Vast" - How to Make the Most of Rare's Beloved IP

William writes: "Over the past few years, Rare has been seeing something of a renaissance - or Rarenaissance - and the future of the studio is looking the brightest it has been this century. But what exactly can be done with their old IP? Will we ever get a Banjo game again?"

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timotim163d ago

For the love of everything which is good, Xbox needs to revive Conker, Banjo and Kameo next-generation. I loved seeing Ratchet and Clank during the PS5 event along with other platformers and adventure games. I feel like this genre is really going to bring the heat next-gen and I want to see these beloved IPs apart of that story. Make it happen Xbox.

Sciurus_vulgaris162d ago

So far Killer Instinct and Battletoads have been revived. I think Perfect Dark will be the next Rare game to be revived due to strong rumours and some evidence.

AK91161d ago

They need to sell off the IP, its clear they have zero intention to do anything with these classic and beloved Rare games. In a dream world I'd love to see Ninty getting these IP.