10 Unique Nintendo Video Games No One Has Copied Yet (But Should)

While many have copied the likes of Mario and Zelda, there are other unique Nintendo titles worth referencing for inspiration.

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instantstupor53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Bit of a strange list, mainly since several games do have other similar games, but also because many of them aren't really "Nintendo" games - they are on Nintendo platforms, but are also on several other platforms.

- Evoland is on PC, Mobile, Mac & while it is a mixture of different styles of game, those are all paying homage to older styles of games. So it is kind of unique in how it progresses through the different "bit" eras, but the gameplay from each era is not exactly unique. I think that's a gimmick that only one series can get away with.

- Mega Man is on every platform, not just Nintendo. And aside from Mighty Number 9, there's also 20XX and the upcoming 30XX that are essentially procedurally generated Mega Man games.

- Katamary Damacy started life on the PlayStation, and is on tons of other platforms as well. Not very many games tried to go this route - again, not sure how many series this gimmick could support - but games like Donut County and both kind of took the "collecting smaller things lead to collecting bigger things" gimmick and instead of making a bigger ball, make larger holes to eat larger things. Similar vein, at least.

- LA Noire - multiple platforms again. It has a lot of similarities with a lot of open world/city games, but it would be nice if more attempted to add more unique mechanics like this (narration/lie/clues is definitely unique among its peers).

- Dragon Quest 4 they even mentioned a few different games that took inspiration from the part they are interested in, but there's also Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, which came out a while ago to add to the heap of similar games.

- Bravely Default was, in many ways, a self-professed throwback game. It is very much like many other games, save for the tweak to the battle system. The system still matches up favorably to more classic RPG battle systems & traversal, but does allow for speeding up some of the simpler/grindy battles. I don't think this one is truly that unique, all considered.

It's a good idea for a list, since it is essentially trying to focus on unique games that haven't been overused. But I think it's also difficult given how many games there truly are out there, and how many indies have probably made games that recall any game you mention but you've just not heard of or played given how much less visible they are.

AK9153d ago

That sad moment when an N4G member has more knowledge than game journalists, man its no wonder they're on the way out.