Sony: feeling good" about the progress of Blu-ray.

The long-term success of PS3 rests largely on take-up of Blu-ray as the next generation DVD platform. PlayStation 3 comes with a Blu-ray drive, which offers comparative value against specific players currently on the market. Blu-ray is up against HD-DVD for dominance of this emerging market.

In an earnings conference call yesterday Rob Wiesenthal, chief financial officer of Sony's U.S. operations said "We are feeling really good about Blu-ray right now, but it is early days."

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Jrocks_4_ever4913d ago

for sony and every ps3 owner. Sony is definately going to win this format war!! I think they learned alot from betamax. It's very early to give a winner but for sony doing this well, this early, its just a matter of time.........

PS360WII4913d ago

I do like them HD-DVD's. I have a few and you really can see the difference from regular to HD. Just like cable. I love that HD Box for it and when sports games are on HD is key. Unfortunatly I have been sidetracked on the ps3 right now needed a few more computers for my network but it's really okay seeing that the games will be more ready come March and that'll be awesome. Heck even though I beat Ninja Gaiden twice already I'd get a ps3 just for Sigma! Then I can start up my Blueray collection as well. Love movies ^^

Sphinx4913d ago

I have to admit, I love watching movies and TV and sports in HD. It looks so much nicer, and cleaner. However, the VCR just recently got passed up by DVD players. JUST RECENTLY. The difference between VHS tapes and DVDs is huge: smaller, cooler looking, chapter skipping, no rewinding, etc. I just don't see HD movies as being a big enough improvement for a large enough of people to go out and buy players to decide a winner any time soon. In fact, Bluray and HD-DVD may not even be in the running for "the winner" in a few years. With more and more formats popping up, we might be seeing Total-HD being the new format, or Rainbow tech, or the bug protein one... or the holographic discs. Who knows? I know I'm waiting it out, unless someone gets me one (which I have a sneaking suspicion my wife plans on getting me the HD-DVD add on for the 360 for V-day).

eclipsegryph4913d ago

I came in to remark on what Sphinx had said. Movies have been put out on DVD's since the mid 90's and only just in the past year or two have (standalone) DVD players been outselling VCRs. Likewise, that was a significant shift in playback, data storage, visuals, audio, and all manner of things that occured by going from tape to disk. This... It doesn't look like HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are offering much aside from a higher price for prettier graphics. The shift is from disk to disk, so the gain is minimal. People are happy and content with their DVDs, so very few people are going to see a good reason to shift to either new format.

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