An architectural point of view of PlayStation 5 console design

The new PlayStation 5 console has raised many discussions over its design and given that some of the AltChar staff is well versed in architecture, we've prepared an in-depth analysis from an architectural standpoint.

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54d ago
Christopher54d ago

Really has nothing to do with architecture as far as design and everything to do with heat management and ensuring consumers don't increase issues through thermal conduction.

Length/height to space out heat-generating components, even placing the optical drive outside the main frame.

Stylized but long area of vents to push out more heat in a broader manner rather than creating bottleneck region of heat collection.

External curved panels to ensure console doesn't sit flat on a surface in an entertainment unit, preventing increased thermal conduction depending on the surface material(s). This is also why the vents are more forward-facing on the top than just upward.

Additionally, grooved design on the external panels allows for a more controlled dissipation of heat from the main frame itself.

The comparisons to buildings are really more just finding a curvature that was pleasing to the eye and fit their desires for what I believe will be a higher than normal need to manage heat in this console.

OB1Biker53d ago

Thank you for common sense explanation.
Will be interesting to see the back of the console.

nirwanda53d ago

It will be interesting to see the insides, see if the heat pipes go though the chip, where and how big the fans are etc.

Oxen2153d ago

I really like the design of the console. However I think it looks better vertically. PS5 day 1.