The Last of Us Part II Might Be the PlayStation 4's Swansong Title

If The Last of Us Part II ends up being the PlayStation 4's swansong, it ends on a note that's a polar opposite of the game's sombre tone.

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TheScotsman99d ago

It's the finest achievement in video games, truly a master piece

LegoIsAwesome99d ago

Got a question with a lot of ppl who bash this game but didnt clearly played it lol. Your fine with movies having sex scenes but with games you arent? Didnt majority of the gaming community is asking to look at the industry as equivalent or better than movies? So now you got a sex scene. Aint the first either with this gen (Witcher 3). But here its not approved? Why it didnt get you guys horny enough? Bunch of hypocrites lol.

SegaGamer99d ago

My only issue with that sex scene is Sony being complete hypocrites. An anal sex scene is okay, but Japanese companies showing their characters in underwear means the light rays are introduced.

TheKingKratos99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Witcher 3 have sooo many problems

I truly hate that game ... so much wrong with it

99d ago
waverider99d ago

lol, What about god of war sex... They try and fail hard, because any one that plays the game is impress, Thats why all the 10. Its a brutal masterpiece. My main problem is that it took 6 years to make it. Its too much. We need more games with this kind of quality.

Ricegum99d ago


It's sad that you have clearly just watched streams of someone else playing a game and are now pretending you have the game and are playing it. Christ.

CaptainHenry91699d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Why does it feel like Spurg is lying. You're not a good liar

roboteye99d ago


If you can't tell the difference between pervy upskirts and a sex scene that is part of the narrative then I don't know what to tell you.

jambola98d ago


is one of those problems the reading?

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EmperorDalek99d ago

The finest achievement? Is tarnishing a beloved series considered an achievement now?

SyntheticForm99d ago

This game is by far a bigger achievement than your opinion. I promise, your opinion is tired and boring, and doesn't achieve much, but the game is a lot of fun and it achieves a lot.

SyntheticForm99d ago

Perfect way to cap the gen.

Yes, I know Ghost is still on the way, but I don't think it can top this. Not for me, anyway.

This game has been one amazing journey for me so far, and I'm looking forward to another playthrough and grabbing that sweet platinum.

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RememberThe35799d ago

As someone who isn't the biggest fan of the first game it's been incredible so far. But I also think Ghost of Tushima will impress more than expected. TLOU2 already has me sad, pissed off, amazed and addicted. Unless it goes way off the rails, this game is an instant classic, but I'm not ready to sleep of Ghost quite yet

ClayRules201299d ago

I’m so happy to hear your enjoying the game!

My family and I are loving this game as well. It’s truly something else. We’ve all shown a wide array of emotions, pissed off is one... cried, among others, it’s hitting us where it counts as of the moment right now, and we couldn’t be happier.

And I agree, I don’t believe Ghost will disappoint.

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anonymousfan99d ago

I looooved the first one and I really despise what they did to the story. They should have left it alone and moved on to another project. I was super hyped for this game but after watching the entire story on youtube I decided to get rid of my PS4. I was looking forward to playing Ghost of Tsushima but now I'll wait maybe I'll play it later this year on PS5.

ShadowWolf71299d ago

You... got rid of your console because you disliked the story of one game?

anonymousfan99d ago

@ShadowWolf712 I was gonna sell it prior to next gen anyway this only precipitated things.

ShadowWolf71298d ago

That still makes zero sense, bro. Why deprive yourself of the games you like over that?

anonymousfan98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

@ShadowWolf712 I already have PC and switch... Only reason I would keep my PS4 is to play Ghost of Tsushima like I said earlier. I figured might as well sell now while my God or War PS4 pro is still worth something.

Edit: spelling

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execution1799d ago

The only 2 games that actually almost brought me to tears are tlou1 and 2

djplonker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

"swansong" is defined by being the last of something produced by a company or person.

Considering there is atleast one other game by sony first party studio's (ghosts of tsushima) set to be released on ps4 then the answer to your non-question is no it is not the ps4's swan song.

Imalwaysright99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Ghost of Tsushima and there's another PS4 exclusive that looks incredible to me but it isn't a Sony's 1st party game: Granblue Fantasy Relink

The Wood99d ago

I've been waiting for granblue adventure since I saw the first demo with the blonde soldier women strolling around a village. . . Must be vapour by now

KyRo99d ago

You can't use that title here on N4G. You will get reported and downvoted for playing one of the best games ever made.

Elda99d ago

When you think about it it's really sick that some folks are that miserable because a game is selling well & folks like it. Misery sure loves company.

djplonker99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Xbox fans: sales dont matter unless you work for sony

Also xbox fans: why are there so many playstation fans on (insert any site here)

If you are getting outsold almost 3:1 then you will most likey see 3 playstation users comment for every xbox user..... Not exactly rocket science.

Sayai jin99d ago

@Djp, your math is misleading. Many gamers are mutliplatform gamers, so your 3 to 1 ratio is off. It doesn't have to be judt one or the other.

Also, last gen this site and many others had more PS only fans than Xbox only fans, although the market share last gen was relatively close, including the RROD. PS has a heavy world wide appeal, while Xbox has a heavy appeal in the US and UK.

I have only played 3 hours of it so far, but I am enjoying (stellar) as I know I would. Most people I know who have it are enjoying it, while some have issues with it. So.e people love it and so.e don't. It's thst simple and doesn't have to be what you call Xbox fans. If someone down votes a game, because it's not on their platform, then thats a fan boy.

Tross99d ago

Math is hard for some people.

jambola99d ago

that sure is a good example of something that doesn't happen

jambola99d ago

thank you random (probable troll) with no profile pic
your opinion is very valuable

KyRo98d ago

I've been here for 12 years so educate yourself before typing nonsense. If stating a fact is indeed considered trolling in 2020 then call me a troll. Anything that's positive about TLoU2 is being downvoted to high heaven on here and it's undeserved. From what I've played it's up there with the greatest games of all time.

jambola98d ago

don't think you know what facts are
sounds like you need to take your own advice on educating yourself

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