The Wind Waker HD Needs to Come to Nintendo Switch

The Wind Waker HD Needs to Come to Nintendo Switch and is one of the best Zelda games of all time, possibly in the top five of the entire series.

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rockwhynot56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

It could definitely be enjoyed by a new wave of kids 7-13.

Add the fierce diety mask tho as a reward for charting the full world map and filling the whole start menu up with all the major items grappling hook, triforce, magic armor etc.

King_Noctis55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Are you saying older audience won’t be able to enjoy this game?

rockwhynot55d ago

Haven't most older gamers beaten this superb game twice already? That's what I thought at least; I mean the game got great publicity back in the day.

Harkins172156d ago

I'd be down. Could have used more improvements and extra content other games give out with HD remaster or ports. Like Persona 5 to P5R.

Would also live to see TP and SS reworked for Switch with improvements and added content. I personally love all 3 Zelda. Need to get around to playing BotW too lol. But this stuff needs to be on the store and that way next gen with Switch 2 or Switch 3 I can just DL games and go. Xbox is doing BC and hens right. Come on Nintendo!!

Fraggle198756d ago

Anything needs to come to the switch at this point. The third year is usually when a console comes into its own in terms of content but this year has been barren for Switch. Needs anything of note on it. No idea what Nintendo are doing.

King_Noctis55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

So 2020 released games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade DE, Pokemon Sword/Shield The Isle of Amor (DLC), and upcoming ones like Deadly Premonition 2, Bravely Default 2, and NMH 3 aren’t games to you?

I’d love to see your response to this instead of staying quiet to reply like you usually do.

Fraggle198755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Your right that that is techinically content but to me they are all crap content every single one of those. NOthing there to get excited about. Obviously there is going to be the usual mobile like games as well but its big quality games that the console badly needs.