Final Fantasy XI Confirmed For Dissidia

You heard rightly, Final Fantasy XI will be represented in Dissidia: Final Fantasy in the form of Shantotto, the impish little Tarutaru from Windurst. It was confirmed at a recent Final Fantasy XI event, and it looks like she will be a playable character.

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Wakka_3830d ago

Boo! I can kick everyone's behind with my blitzball, ya?

mephman3830d ago

You could, if you were in the game. ;)

iamtehpwn3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Noctis and Lightning will probably be DLC.

CloudsEnd3830d ago

Me wants Elvaan! Not Tarutaru! Or better Mithra! Jeez!

TheColbertinator3830d ago

lol @ Wakka

FFXI? You serious?

Maybe now they should add FFX and FFXII characters because FFXI was not very memorable to people in terms of characters and story

Menchi3830d ago

They have FFX characters already... Tidus and Jecht

FFXII will probably make the cut too.

And FFXI characters and story are just as memorable, it's just the fact not enough people played it because of it being online only.

v1c1ous3830d ago

yet put FF12 in the same sentence....isn't that an oxymoron?

TheColbertinator3830d ago

FFXII rocked regardless of what people think.Basch FTW

Akiira3830d ago

FF12 was an awsome game. screw all you haters that are jumping on the hate SE bandwagon

ExcelKnight3829d ago

Balthier FTW. I liked playing as the Final Fantasy version of James Bond.

Besides, think about how awesome fighting Vayne would be.

Reibooi3830d ago

@Steven Colbert

anyone who has played and completed the Chains of Promathia expansion knows that Final Fantasy XI has incredible characters and a very good story line. If you haven't played It I highly suggest you don't speak so lightly of it.

I'm interested to see who the FFXI villain will be as there has been plenty of good ones. Although I would have liked to have seen Prishe being the rep for FFXI over Shantotto.

emanon883830d ago

yes Prishe would have been better in my opinion as well. As for a villain well you cannot go wrong with just having Eald'narche since he was a pretty nice and kinda challenging boss fight and he had a little more depth to him then some of the other villains in FFXI.

Ngai3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

Bring in the Dynamis Lord!
Theres indeed so many characters to use, XI is huuuge. I would love to see the evil kid from promathia again. Forgot his name. Been so long. Or promathia himself! CoP was indeed very very good.

Akiira3830d ago

as someone who has played FF11 i can safely say it sucks. even if the story doesnt suck everything else certainly doese, especially the combat.

Ozzyb3829d ago

just because the game is too hard for you. For everyone else, it's a good game.. though the learning curve is steep and there is not much guidance given (mostly from other players). It's kinda outdated by today's standards but it's still a good game.

As for a character for Dissidia, I'd probably have to say Tenzen would be WAY cooler than lame ass Shantotto. Hell, I'd settle for Volker or one of the Serpent Generals.

Akiira3827d ago

@4.4 the only thing "tough" about that game is finding a group and it certainly doesnt have a steep learning curve. if u wana talk about a mmo with a steep learning curve play SWG pre combat overhual. so i will continue to hate things that suck.

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LethalToxins3830d ago

Diabolos from FFXI with his gay nitemare spamming's the only move you'd need.

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