Xbox's Next Gen Save System Should Be the New Standard

IGN: Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This week we’re talking about Xbox Smart Delivery, PS5’s Dual Entitlement, EA Play Live, and the CyberPunk 2077 delay.

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TheHan53d ago

Xbox is looking at changing the way games are perceived, keep up the good work Xbox. The reason why they have a steady fan base is because they’ve done right by their real fans. Then you have those who jump ship no matter the reason, could be about games or simply don’t like the system and the UI they use. Whatever the case may be, I feel like this generation in gaming is gonna be gold.

Hakuoro53d ago

What's wrong with gaming as it is? I have been having fun for years.

chiefJohn11753d ago

It's called innovation and pushing gaming and technology forward. I was perfectly happen with my flip phone in 06. What was wrong with it? Nothing but thanks to creativity, innovation, etc I'm rocking a smart phone thats an all around media device and mini computer.

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Marquinho52d ago

Things don't have to be wrong in order to get better, and that's Microsoft's target with Game Pass, Smart Delivery and others.

Christopher53d ago

***Xbox is looking at changing the way games are perceived***

This is a great feature, but this isn't even close to true considering PC does this and has for decades.

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Marquinho52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I'm a PC Gamer as well but there's a difference between upgrading your video card, and get a better experience out of horse power, and upgrading console, and get a better experience due to horse power AND optimization for the specific hardware you've upgraded to. The improvement is much higher and the cost much lower (compared to upgrading GPU+CPU on PC)

Christopher52d ago

@marquinho PC games just got free graphical updates to Mafia 2 and will get a version that can play on hardware equal to an Xbox One and a Series X at release let alone have been playing higher quality games than on console.

You're thinking that this free upgrade doesn't happen in PC when it does because it's built in to be tailored to a wide range of setups. It's just not talked about because it's the norm.

Those "enhancements" from Xbox One to Series X aren't needed on PC because they've already had them from the get go.

And this isn't even taking about the modding capabilities on PC that push these games way beyond that.

timotim53d ago

IGN just flat out said PS doesnt have anything officially like Smart Delivery, yet all we keep hearing is how Sony been doing SD on PS platforms for years SD is a copy from Sony haha. You cant make this stuff up..

Profchaos53d ago

IGN had always had a bias prior to the launch of the current gen there was countless article after article coming from IGN saying Sony will perform so poorly that Ms will buy the gaming division and Sony will struggle to sell because the 360 was so popular.

The launch came and they went real quiet

jznrpg52d ago

PS hasn’t revealed nearly as much as Xbox has , so wait and see . I’m sure you will all be disappointed (you won’t say it out loud because that doesn’t fit your narrative)

timotim52d ago

What doesn't fit my narrative? Im speaking on a falsehood...a narrative fabricated by PS fanboys that says Sony is doing these things RIGHT NOW. Yet here you are talking about what they will or might reveal. Is that the reason I shouldn't correct these fanboys now, because of what they might do in the future?

I got news for you...if they do they do. Just like cross-play when Sony was rejecting games left and right while all the fanboys was saying then that they didnt want know why...because it didnt fit their narrative. Classic move how your trying to reverse it.

WhiteHawk25d ago

How about not seeing ships to jump to in the first place, how about just being a sailor. Also where were you pre XBOX One launch where MS were all about the consumer?

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russo12153d ago

I hope I'll never see an anti-consumer company like MS defining gamming industry. Everybody looses.

chiefJohn11753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I bet 50% of the gaming features you use today is thanks to MS so cut the BS. Sony, MS and Nin all pushed gaming to new heights. All have been very consumer friendly and anti consumer. You can speak for yourself but I'm definitely winning when it come to gaming as it stands today

Tacoboto53d ago

How are Xbox's *current* policies and options anti-consumer?

- Support for discs and games going back to 2001, enhanced with higher resolutions, better framerates, and on Series X, AI-based HDR
- Xbox Game Pass consistently has great AAA titles, even as some come and go. It's also almost always on sale
- Design Lab for custom controllers with variations on textures and colors
- Pro-level Elite Controller with certain swappable parts
- 15+ first-party studios working on games

Their first-party sucked this generation but they've done a lot around to improve their ecosystem that otherwise wouldn't have happened if they had games to do the talking. Remember Sony's ego at the announcement of the PS3 in 2005? That was Microsoft in 2013.

joejoejoe53d ago

Are timed exclusivity, paid online multiplayer and microtransactions all gaming features? If so, I suppose you're right. Thanks, M$, you assholes.

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Manic201452d ago

How in the last 7 years since the announcement debacle, how have they been Anti- Consumer? Genuine question? I have seen them been pro consumer with their offering/services etc.

Hakuoro53d ago

Oh so Xbox has cloud saves and cross save, how revolutionary.

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DeadManMMX53d ago

Yeah they’ve had it all gen. It was never manual or hidden in settings like on PS4. It just worked. Also it never had an arbitrarily small amount of space that had to be upgraded
Mid gen. Some things one does better then the other giving them that takes nothing away from
What the others did.

dumahim53d ago

PS4 always had automatically backed up saves. It wasn't manual only and being found in "Application and saved data management" in the settings menu is hidden, you have problems.
Small storage space? Well deserved criticism.

Battlestar2353d ago

Sony has had this for years why are people acting as if it is new?

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Sitdown52d ago

Sony has given us the ability to save on the ps4 and then move over and pick it up on the ps5?

Battlestar2352d ago (Edited 52d ago )

You can copy your saves over to the PS5 from the PS4 thanks to the PS4 BC on PS5.

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