Metacritic - The 40 Best Console-Exclusive Games of This Generation (PS4, Xbox One, and Switch)

Metacritic ranks the 40 best console-exclusive games available on current generation hardware (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch).Titles are ranked by their Metascores, which reflect the consensus views of professional game critics.

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Zodiac453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

For Desktop users that don't want to click through the list:

#37 (tie) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
#37 (tie) Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
#37 (tie) MLB The Show 19
#37 (tie) Titamfall
#30 (tie) Astral Chain
#30 (tie) Final Fantasy 7 Remake
#30 (tie) Forza Motorsport 6
#30 (tie): Katamari Damacy REROLL
#30 (tie): The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
#30 (tie): Marvel's Spider-Man
#30 (tie): Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
#26 (tie): Nex Machina: Death Machine
#26 (tie): Nioh
#26 (tie): Ori and the Blind Forest
#26 (tie): Super Mario Maker 2
#19 (tie): Dreams
#19 (tie): Fire Emblem: Three Houses
#19 (tie): Horizon Zero Dawn
#19 (tie): Into the Breach
#19 (tie): Rez Infinite
#19 (tie): Tetris Effect
#19 (tie): Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
#17 (tie): Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
#17 (tie): Ori and the Will of the Wisps
#14 (tie): Animal Crossing: New Horizons
#14 (tie): Forza Horizon 3
#14 (tie): Shadow of the Colossus
#9 (tie): Bayonetta 2
#9 (tie): Bloodborne
#9 (tie): Forza Horizon 4
#9 (tie): Journey
#9 (tie): Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
#7 (tie): Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
#7 (tie): Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
#6: God of War
#3 (tie): The Last of Us Part II
#3 (tie): The Last of Us Remastered
#3 (tie): Persona 5 Royal
#1 (tie): The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
#1 (tie): Super Mario Odyssey

indysurfn452d ago

Thanks is a understatement. They where showing 1 per PAGE. Wow this is a HUGE help!!!

ElementsUnknown453d ago

You’re a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks.

CaptainHenry916453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Where's all the Xbox exclusives?

TheSaint453d ago

Coming in about a year according to Phil..

indysurfn452d ago

As far as I know there was only 3 racing games and titanfall2. Looks like Nintendo and Sony had the lions share. hmmmmm makes you think Maybe Nintendo does have a lot if games.

Bruh452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

Can't read huh its alright

You have FH3, Ori 2, FM6 and Titanfall

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isarai453d ago

Wasn't ori released on switch aswell?

NVMGaiden453d ago

19 Reviews on Switch, 24 on Xbox so it's a more accurate aggregate score, averaging the two wouldn't do much to change it either.

isarai453d ago

Well my point being is it's supposed to be a list of the best "console exclusives" and ori is multiplatform

NVMGaiden453d ago

True Ori, Cuphead, and Dungeons are on Switch. Sadly, I cannot purchase those two on my primary console, so in that sense they are exclusive.

porkChop453d ago

Yeah, it's a bit weird. Several games on this list are not exclusives.

453d ago
EmperorDalek453d ago

Couldn't this have waited until the generation is over? We still have Ghost of Tsushima to come, and if the Switch counts, then that makes things more complicated.

indysurfn452d ago

If the SWITCH counts? Go look at that list again and tell me if it counts with straight nonfanboy face.

EmperorDalek452d ago

I'm not hating on Nintendo if that's what you're suggesting lol, I would probably argue BotW is the best exclusive of the last 10 years.

It's just that the Switch released half way through the current generation. If anything, the Wii U was closer to being current gen.

Even someone at Sony said Nintendo pretty much have their own generations. That's why I'm saying it's complicated to make a list like this now, because the Switch will be going for another three years.

indysurfn451d ago

Got you EmperorDalek. My bad I'm used to people being unreasonable saying things llke there is only one Nintendo game. Even though I have been a Sony and Microsoft only man until lately, I will say the same thing. Nintendo may have the best lineup overall.

FallenAngel1984453d ago

Funny how article talks about 8th gen get neglects to mention Wii U

telekineticmantis453d ago

The WiiU was this Generation, the Switch is next Generation

TheHateTheyGive453d ago

Then why are their games listed as this gen ? Regardless, switch is the successor to the DS, nintendo failed miserable in the home console market and went portable.

meganick453d ago

I would argue that Wii U and Switch are both 8th gen consoles. There’s no rule that says a company can’t release multiple consoles in a single generation. It’s happened before. But I also can’t say you’re objectively wrong since the concept of a console generation is not that well defined.

Dragonscale453d ago

So switch doesn't count currently lol. What a joke

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