Top 8 Little Big Planet Levels

Here are GB top 8 LBP Levels all with videos

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Cenobia3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

That's not very nice... I made DinoLand.

*Goes off to cry in a corner*

These are beta levels anyway (at least most of them).

Milky Joe3832d ago

Agreed, they're all crap in comparison to Shady Dealings. Go play it. NOW!

Tomdc3832d ago

no offence, dinoland is a good level! but i dont think it's one of the top 8...

CrippleH3832d ago

COFFIEBREAK is better then all of them.

Evocation3832d ago

Bah, fly me too the moon is just like mine. Mine starts with the buggy to a rocket goes up fights aliens. >.< Still, I haven't quite finished mine yet.

Splitz3832d ago

Best basketball level out there is: LittleBigDunkContest! Try it out yourself...

CrippleH3832d ago

play coffiebreak I'm serious it's that good.

It's by a japanese person I think. It's very artistic also filled with puzzles and cool mechanics. It can rival the dev's levels in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.