Sony's First-Party Studios Celebrate The Last of Us Part II With Gorgeous Art

The Last of Us Part II has been released today to widespread critical acclaim and Sony's first-party studios are celebrating Naughty Dog's achievement.

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ABizzel1699d ago

Amazing game by another one of Sony's amazing studios.

Movefasta1993699d ago

Fanboying are we? That plot is terrible , straight trash . Ghost of t will be better look forward to that

DG90699d ago

Or, Maybe just maybe its his opinion that the game is great.

Nyxus699d ago

Game is great, get over it.

UltraNova699d ago

Loving the game so far, it's so we'll made its ridiculous. That said, I don't like how the story developed two hrs in but what can I say, it's ND's choice and we gotta respect it.

Back to it then.

699d ago
MainstreamGamer698d ago

Why don't you just grow up! The hate and vitriol for this game is ridiculous. If you don't like the game, fine go play something else, but to constantly try to bring the game down after all of the hard work that the developers put into it is asinine.

ABizzel1698d ago


No sir that would be the people trolling this game, because they're basing their opinion on a 20-minute youtube store walkthrough, rather and playing the game themselves, and those on here simply agreeing because they don't like a 2 minute scene... if that from a 16 - 20 hour game.

It's an amazing game because I got to enjoy the rush of trying to make it through an entire horde of infected coming from every direction, and figuring out how I was going to survive this, as well as being chased by a town full of people trying to kill me and having to use my entire arsenal, run for my life, hide and attack under cover. Or see a bloated literally destroy walls and cause environmental destruction on an impressive scale as it tries to kill you. These are all experiences that cannot be felt in a YouTube video.

It's an amazing game because the acting, voice acting, and animiation are the best in the industry and eveyone does their part making these characters believable, and to see the bonds that not only Ellie, but the "enemies" have formed as Naughty Dog delivered in full on their promise to make the enemies seem as if they've been living in this world together and have established relationship as well.

It's an amazing game because the gameplay is the best Naughty Dog has done, and possibly the best I've ever played for a TPS / Stealth / Horror game, and that's per genre. It doesn't reinvent the formula, but it masters each of those elements like no other before it.

It's an amazing game because the environmental storytelling, where you can stumble across a bank heist gone wrong at the time of infection, or the reason why the "army group" lost power and have this new group took over, or what happened to the couple who decided to leave a safe haven to go out and save the world.

It's an amazing game because graphically I'd say it's nearly unrivaled on console with the scope and the detail of the world. Supported by amazing audio that instills fear and dread when things get tense.

And finally, it's an amazing game, because I have the emotional maturity to move past a 2 minute section of the game and understand the reasoning behind the actions of all parties involved, and unbothered by the outcome of the ending, and still appreciate it as not an amazing story, but a very well told extension to an already well told story from 7 years ago, instead of judging the entire game on two moments and calling people fanboys and saying the plot is terrible and straight trash.

That sounds like a fanboy and an ignorant one at that to me.

697d ago
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LucasRuinedChildhood699d ago

The trolls have managed to take down the story on N4G about the review bombing by bombing it with reports:

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TheTony316699d ago


N4G used to be pro Xbox last generation.

waverider699d ago

Good Work! But whats next? What are ND already working? That the big question!

TeamIcoFan699d ago

Whatever it is, I'm all for it.

throne699d ago

its amazing having so many amazing studios competing with one stop ps5!!!

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