The PS5 Reveal Highlights The Series X Greatest Weakness

What incentive do you have to purchase an Xbox Series X?

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ArchangelMike296d ago

I upgrade to next gen consoles to get next gen games. I want developers to use the full extent of the capacity of the next gen consoles, and not be held back by the lowest common denominator,a dn any way why split resources? CAPCOM had the right idea cancelling the current gen version of RE8. Imagine if devs had to still develop games for PS3 and x360 would that just be considered a waste of time and resources?

AngelicIceDiamond296d ago

How many mind blowing games have we've seen at the PS reveal realistically? GT7 is still early build it didn't blow anyone's socks off. Ratchet looks like the best Ratchet & Clank game but the art style makes it hard to highlight true next gen graphics, though the game was SSD heavy my personal holy crap moment for the game. NBA yet another sweaty basketball player who doesn't even look true next gen, just more sweaty. HZDFW, Pragmata, Athia Resident Evil and Kena a game that's on PS4 were the true stand outs. What that tells me is the games vary. Only next gen isn't always gonna blow you away while certain last gen games will. It isn't as clear cut as you think. Plus that unreal Engine demo on PS5 set some wrong expectations amongst fans knowing that demo was very advanced tech, tech we won't be seeing for a little while.

But what will you say if MS July showcase show some games that look really good graphically? Halo Infinite's new engine, Playgrounds game which is said they're using photogrametry for vast landscapes for an uknown title? Or The initiatives possible Splinter Cell or Hitman type of game rumor? We know how good those games look.

Rude-ro296d ago

Good graphically means short on the game engine typically... as in pixels.. but dated gameplay.

Gt7 is the second game from this Engine..
I understand the fankid response if “ehhh it does not look different”... from a group that just spent a gen playing last gens game engines.
4k 60fps ray tracing and globally illumination is a huge jump up over what gtsport is.
No game in any reveal will look different because there are not many ways to get all of that through compressed videos.

The reality is in the history and Sony has the best history this far

OB1Biker296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

If you couldnt see next gen graphics in R&C then I dont know what to tell you. Maybe you didnt look properly?

343_Guilty_Spark295d ago

It's not the typical r of mind blowing like PS2 to PS3 that's for sure

The Wood295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

If you're kool with that two year hand break then more for you. Sony knows it can reach more of its metric goals if they get units out in the wild. Its a system that has worked well for them. Developers will have have more time focused on the new hardware so they will learn how best use the hardware quicker. Each to their own. I'm dropping x money on new hardware to experience things that are harder to produce on current hardware. I've been hearing a lot of spin elsewhere stating it'll take up to 2 years for the hardware to be fully utilised. There's so much backwards in that swerve I'm dizzy

WelkinCole295d ago

"But what will you say if MS July showcase show some games that look really good graphically? "

You guys have been talking about future MS games since 2014 E3.

Every single time MS disappoint.

Yet you guys still ask us this?

RangerWalk267295d ago

The SSD parts of the demo we're not "load free" it is much much faster... But if you look there is a splash screen in between world's/ levels. Those are used while the SSD loaded the data. Again, still impressive though. That's what SSD is all about. Can't wait to see what next gen brings us since everyone made the switch over to that format.

BigTrain295d ago

I admire your efforts but you're trying to talk common gaming sense to a site full of PSX heads. It's like trying to get a Mac user to try a PC.

PepsivsCoke295d ago

@BigTrain man I feel bad doin this but you’re so right! “It’s like trying to get a Mac user to try a PC.” Xbox is the Mac in this quote. -basically no games!!! ;)

Rhythmattic295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Hmmm.. But the Mac Platform does actually have "exclusives".
Logic and FCP for example.
As for the Xbox console roadmap....
Its Like getting a PC or Mac (can run windows..) user to buy a Xbox Console.,.....

leejohnson222295d ago

It's always what if, when it comes to ms or wait till e3. What if Ms bought Sega or Konami or rockstar, or showed games on the level of the last of us on current gen. Did the X change anything?

DJStotty293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

The sweat is reminiscent of when they showcased fight night round 5.

The best looking exclusive game out of the PS5 showcase was Horizon 2. All the others looked a slight increase in what we already have barring GT7.


What would you say looked "next-gen" in regards to graphical capability?

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Kumakai296d ago (Edited 296d ago )

bro. i don't want to be rude here but its clear you don't understand how modern game engines work. They are scalable to a hardware id. Everything from the CPU load, to the GPU load, to the resolution, to the antialiasing to post processing effects can all be scaled dynamically. how do you think they get console games AND PC games. They don't rebuild the game for each vertical. Same with mid-cycle refreshes. The software knows what hardware its on and runs the appropriate configuration. A Series X game won't be held back by Xbox One compatibility - i assume thats the rub here. Most games all use the same game engines anway. Do you really think the Unity Engine is completely different for Playstation, Xbox and PC? or the Unreal engine? Its all the same software. And the Xbox One, ps4, ps5 and series X operate more like PC architecture now than the explicit proprietary hardware configurations of previous generations. Any modern game engine can run on any hardware and has tools to scale the load. How do you think they got Witcher 3 to run on Switch?

Minute Man 721295d ago

They don't believe, that's ok

Wimba61295d ago

So according to you GTA 5 could run on a PS1 with reduced graphics? LOL!

The Ratchet and Clank gameplay shown is IMPOSSIBLE to run on a PS4 due to the lack of a mandatory SSD.

It is you who don't understand how modern game engines work.

r2oB295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

If current gen consoles can't hold back next gen consoles then why did Capcom cancel RE8 for current gen consoles? Because current gen consoles were holding back their vision for the game. Game engines can't scale someone's creativity when it comes to game design. There is also a threshold to which an engine can scale something without is ruining the integrity.

Sunny_D295d ago

Bro you’re a wannabe dev, no one needs to understand anything coming from you lmao.

TheTony316295d ago

Older hardware will always hold back newer hardware. No matter the tools. There's a reason why minimum PC specs increase every 4-5 years.

343_Guilty_Spark295d ago

No but the minimum specs for GTA5 are like an 8 year old chip

343_Guilty_Spark295d ago

Re8 not releasing on current consoles likely
Has more to do with number of existing projects, budget constraints, and simply not enough time.

sinspirit295d ago

Lol. No..

Resident Evil is basically their biggest IP. You're gonna twist this to say they didn't want to spend more time on their biggest IP to reach over 150million more install base because a game costs money to develop? Well, duh it costs money. That's why they want as many sales as possible. Yet, in this case, they sacrificed all those potential customers to ease development burden and allow creative freedom that requires next gen hardware to express.

It's not time or budget that made them choose. It's passion to express their vision in a way that requires up to date hardware. This is why XBox exclusives will be held back in scope and fundemental design.

Lon3wolf295d ago

Makes me laugh hardly anyone here seems to realise this.

sinspirit295d ago

I can talk about and dress up cylinder count, cylinder bore, fuel injection systems, Variable Valve Timing, piston stroke, horsepower, torque, gear ratio, and many automotive terms to act like I know it well, but I don't truly understand the whole workings of a car. Just a lot of the ideas and basics. But, if I try, I could appear like I know what I'm talking about by mentioning all these things and using basic logic to sound experienced with them.

This is the issue with "experts" on forums of any kind. If you don't know what you're really talking about then don't act like it. No practiced engineer or engineer hobbyist, physical or software related, is incapable of putting these things together, adapting concepts, and understanding things that challenge familiar material.

There is also, very rarely, a black and white scenario. Will all XBox SX games be held back? I doubt it. Forza probably wouldn't be because it's a far more streamlined design process. But, to say that every aspect of a game scalable? That's a sheer lie and lack of understanding. I don't care what side any person is on. You still have to look for the good and bad from yours and theirs. You have to take the effort to understand another persons point of view and claim before rushing to respond to it. If you can't even have the respect to acknowledge factual evidence and admit being wrong then you shouldn't even be joining or starting the comversation. Learn more about hardware and software. Ask questions. Read from highly regarded sources. It's not hard to at least get secondhand info from reputable sources. I'd rather be a smart man asking questions than misinformed rushing to create a lecture post to have a false sense of intellectualism.

rainslacker295d ago

A game engine has nothing to do with the actual design of the game play...outside a few instances.

A game engine is basically the program that puts together the game loop with the graphics rendering routine.

What you're referring to is the sdk or front end with which developers use to implement the above. Usually between different systems, the compiler will build to different hardware and pull what it needs for that hardware from its libraries, and itll use the settings that the dev placed on the objects to scale if need be.

Not everything scales so easily, but game engines are adaptable.

BigTrain295d ago

They dont want to believe.

DigitallyAfflicted295d ago

Those engines might have to start being bit different this time around...

DJStotty293d ago (Edited 293d ago )


"So according to you GTA 5 could run on a PS1 with reduced graphics? LOL!"

In a nutshell, yeah you probably could get it running on a PS1, might not be any good, but yeah, it is possible.

"The Ratchet and Clank gameplay shown is IMPOSSIBLE to run on a PS4 due to the lack of a mandatory SSD."

Again, false, the instant switching between the worlds, is because of how fast the SSD operates. Again it could run on older hardware, but would be riddled with freezes and load screens as the assets are loaded.

That is why if you try running an intensive PC game on old hardware, You receive about 1 FPS, but the game still "theoretically" works.


"If current gen consoles can't hold back next gen consoles then why did Capcom cancel RE8 for current gen consoles?"

Maybe because the game is being developed with SSD tech in mind, maybe?, could be?

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Minute Man 721295d ago

@ Archangel

If we wanted a next gen Xbox this year the only way it was possible is to split the memory.

295d ago
AK91295d ago

I agree completely I have no why MS is taking this bone headed approach they should just cut the price of the XB1X and make that their baseline model.

295d ago
rainslacker295d ago

Then MS has a console for you. It's called the PS5

RangerWalk267295d ago


No thanks. At least not at launch. My Pro is my Redbox console. So once the PS5 gets enough exclusive games in it's library, then I will buy one. But considering the Xbox series X has a pretty good power advantage, I'll buy that as my primary piece of hardware.

mcstorm295d ago

You like how developers still make console games after putting them on pc? Come on. You can have so called next gen games on last gen consoles the difference is the graphics setrings.

Sophisticated_Chap295d ago

With 12.1 Tflops of FP32 processing power, Xbox Series X is at the top of the charts. How having cross-gen support for the first 2 years, which is a great customer service, and the ability to turn off certain things like ray tracing on the older system, like you would on outdated PCs, only makes sense.

People who say that support for current gen system will ruin next gen, clearly haven't been PC gamers for the last 20 years. Console gamers are the lowest common denominator(mentally), who believe all of the marketing nonsense that developers and Sony in particular are shoveling down their throats.

Everything is going to be fine. Austin 3:16 says that Xbox Series X is about to open the biggest can of whoop ass that Milenials and Gen Z have ever seen, and that's all I've got to say about that!

BrettAwesome295d ago

Lowest common denominator? Dummies who believe everything? Do you wanna shed some light on how the elitist master race treat each other? How you sophisticated people throw shit at each other like agitated chimps, over the whole Intel vs Amd war? Fucking idiot!

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Thundercat77296d ago

For me, is a mistake to staying cross-generational as Microsoft is doing but we must look at Microsoft situation... They are not confident their actual user base will move to the next gen so they must come to a solution for their problem.

On the other hand Sony knows their user base is going to move as long as they deliver their games.

darthv72296d ago

So MS had a habit of cutting off the prior gen when their next gen system released and people give them crap for it. Saying the games for the new system could have been released on the prior. So MS has decided to keep support for the xbo in addition to the SX coming out and they still get crap for it. Make up your mind people.

Generally speaking, most launch window games start out on the (then) current gen hardware and get moved over to newer dev kits during their development. That isnt to say those new kits are taking full advantage of the hardware they are based upon. It usually doesnt happen that a true next gen game takes full advantage of the hardware until after the first 2-3 years. Its all part of the learning curve that development takes while transitioning from one gen to another. And we see this all the time... just look at games near the release of a system and compare them to those near their end. Its the same hardware in between but the techniques and tricks involved with creation get better.

SX games arent going to be held back by the former platform. Lets get that thought out of peoples heads. The SX will run all x-gen games better by sheer virtue of being more powerful hardware. Just like swapping out a video card or CPU in a PC can make a big difference in the performance of a game. The same thing will happen to next gen consoles. And in a manner of 1-2+ years we will see the real efforts being made to take advantage of those platforms. But in the meantime... no sense in cutting off the former because they want to force people to adopt the latter. They will adopt it at their own pace.

Ron_Danger296d ago

You’re being purposely ignorant. The PS3 had games all the way up to and passed the launch of PS4 while the PS4 was also getting new games. MS stopped making games for 360 a long time before the launch of the XBOne... MS even moved games like Dead Rising and Rise to the XboxOne so it had launch games and then canceled those games for the 360.

Now instead of dropping support for last gen they’re holding back the new gen by releasing games that have to play the same as last gen, just with a new coat of paint. The XSX games that are also on XB1 aren’t going to have better AI or newer features that take advantage of the more powerful hardware... they’re just going to have better lighting, draw distance, frame rate, and texture resolution.

darthv72295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

I already addressed those concerns Ron... you are right that games have been moved around to pad the launches of new platforms but dont go thinking MS was the only ones who did that. Sony has done their fair share of padding as well. Shadowfall and I believe Knack started out as PS3 games but were switched to PS4. It seems you too are being purposely ignorant in thinking that there wont be SX specific games at launch in addition to those that will be x-gen. MS supporting both is somehow seen as bad but when Sony supports both it is good. Like i said... you all need to make up your mind.

Minute Man 721295d ago

@ Darth

Even when "they" see it they'll move the goal post

stuna1295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

You even said so in your first sentence, So MS had a habit of cutting off the prior gen when their next gen released!" Sony on the other hand doesn't do this, and popular to some beliefs Sony does continue to strategically place IP's on previous gen consoles that at times have been exclusive to that particular console. That's the difference.

Killzone Shadowfall could not necessarily be considered padding a lineup because Sony never stated it was to release on PS3, if anything reasoning behind Killzone Shadowfall discussion was closely related to the ending of PS3's generation and what games were rumoured to come to PS4. Also Guerrilla games went on record stating PS3 development was not possible.

The Wood295d ago (Edited 295d ago )


You equated Microsoft dropping support and the stick they got for it as an argument against what exactly. . . The ps has supported their consoles all the way until the end of the generations. The crap they're getting now is more towards their fans. . Microsoft can take any path they choose as that doesn't impact Sony. Their fans, on the other hand, act like they asked Microsoft to make only cross gen games until they reach this magical 2 year point. How can anyone not want to see what developers can do if they just focus on next gen. If this super slider is so workable then why choose 2 years. Why not use the super slider and support this gens xbox for the whole of next gen?

Their weird part of this back and forth is that Sony are also having cross gen games but have also stated they will develop next gen only games too. They're covering both bases. People keep screaming 'options' yet seem to label Sony as anti consumer for incentivising the purchase of their new console. I swear some people just don't follow business well enough.

I also agree with the comments alluding to Microsoft not being too confidence in moving units so they've had to figure out a way to compete that differs from their previous methods

jwillj2k4295d ago

Microsoft has a tendency to not support new games mid console lifetime. Now they are using their old console hardware as the baseline for their new console games. If you own an X1X there’s not a significant reason to buy an XSX day 1.

Microsoft should be able to wipe the floor with Sony purely from a war chest perspective. Their generation after generation of fumbling console launches and abandoning systems shows their hearts aren’t in it to please their consumers first, it’s to make money first, which they don’t realize comes when you treat your fans like first class citizens.

Saijahn295d ago

Sony fanboys are hypocrites and the ps5 is proving this at every turn

Petebloodyonion295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

"MS stopped making 360 game way before Xbox1"
Please pricecharting rate my game cause I must have the only copy of Forza 5 and motorsport 2 on Xbox 360.
Also, I want to sell at 900000$ the only copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider for 360.

Now I don't know why ppl want to hold on the bogus argument of holding the generation down by saying that MS will support for the Xbox1 for the next year and perhaps 2 when almost all the exclusives PS5 won't release until 2021 and beyond.
And let's not forget that we're talking the date given by Sony who has a track record of 100% for NOT releasing on said date and usually push back 6 months and beyond.
Now I'm not to bad in Math but it seems to me that it will be at the same time that MS strangely will supports the Xbox serie X only.

And last note the Unreal engine 5 tools won't be available until 2021 meaning that there won't be an Unreal 5 engine game before 2022-2023.

Rhythmattic295d ago

"Sony fanboys are hypocrites and the ps5 is proving this at every turn"

Incredibly insightful post and so eloquently written.

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AngelicIceDiamond296d ago

Your logic the other way around. But MS moving everyone forward shows them trying to forget past consoles and abandon the sinking ship forcing everyone to upgrade to the newest Consoles while simultaneously trying to erase the other console ever exist.

I'm using your logic because your rhetoric is interchangeable either way. OG Xbox sold less than the X1 but moved everyone over with ease to 360.

wiz7191295d ago

Yeah but I clearly remember these past couple gens Microsoft was getting flack for not supporting previous gen once the next rolled around. I must of been in space or something

phoenixwing295d ago

They cut off support like a year ahead or more as opposed to Sony who always released a swan song game or two. People noticed.

rainslacker295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

Cutting off support, and not fully supporting the next gen are two different things. It's possible to support both with unique software for each AND cross gen games.

MS also cut support for 360 well before the end of last gen, and this gen has had laughable support after the 2nd year. OGXbox I'll give them a pass on as they did support it up until close to the end, but Nvidia kind of forced them to move on to 360 earlier than planned.

rainslacker295d ago

I dont think it has anything to do with confidence. MS has that in spades.

I think that they want to maintain their subscriber base on game pass, and to do that, they need to keep new games coming out on it. They expect in a year or two, the user base of the XSX will be high enough they can shift support to next gen.

They're able to do this because the games they have right now will run on current gen, so why not keep supporting this gen and get some brownie points from their existing customers at the same time? The hardcore fans will still upgrade, and maybe the rest will come along later

ILostMyMind295d ago

M$ will play the PR game. All XBO games will run at 4K/60fps on XSX. Xbots will brag it it's powerful than PS5.

Saijahn295d ago

So I guess those third party games that will be cross gen won’t be bought on ps5 🙄.

Most games that come out will still be supported by our current consoles.

Sony cut content from old games and polished it just to sell it as a ps5 only game and y’all think that’s acceptable? 😩

RangerWalk267293d ago

LMAO. How is being pro-consumer also mean not being confident? 🤣🤣🤣I am pretty sure that a trillion-dollar company is more confident than a billion dollar company

DJStotty293d ago


No, it is just a case of not forcing your install base to upgrade on day 1. Not only that, when the install base does decide to upgrade, all the games installed on their xbox one/x hard drive, will all still work. Not to mention peripherals.

And if cross-gen is a mistake, how come Sony are doing the same?

Have a read "mandatory cross-gen", after July, all developers have to support PS5, so by your reasoning ALL none-sony games will be "a mistake"

What about this is negative or a mistake for you? And explain without using the "held back" nonsense.

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Hakuoro296d ago

For me I have a nice PC why would I buy an Xbox when they are going to put their games on PC? For me it's a much better investment to put any money I would spend on an SX into PC upgrades or just buy games.

My next gen plan is PS5 + PC (RDNA 2 Navi)

Plus I agree with others who want next gen to take full advantage of the hardware not enhanced last gen games.

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