The Last of Us Part II tries to be profound. It fails

While The Last of Us Part II parades as a profound video game with multiple layers, it really isn't as deep as it makes itself out to be.

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Cupid_Viper_3212d ago

"The Last of Us Part II tries to be profound. It fails"

Ok, so what? There have been over 4000 games released for the PS4 some of which have succeeded in their goals and a larger majority have failed.

Again, so what? Why is this specific developer/game not allowed to fail or succeed like the other 4000?

Software_Lover212d ago

....... It is allowed to fail or succeed, it was released. It will probably succeed.

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Eonjay211d ago

The last of Us is a good game. Perhaps folks should stop looking so deep into it and enjoy it for what it is: AAA game with polish for days. Stop trying to extract some meaning to life and enjoy what was built. The production quality alone makes it a must play.

Marquinho211d ago

I'm 4 hours in the game now... Have mixed feelings about it. I can say right now that I'm not enjoying it as much as I did with TLOU1, but it's still a technical masterpiece.

Bathyj211d ago

Give it a bit more time Marquinho. I'm about 10 hours and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. At 4 hours if you were watching The Godfather you'd still be at the wedding scene.

nirwanda211d ago

All this reminds me of a clockwork orange, that was critically acclaimed by most, panned by a few then partly banned over violence or people outraged over it glorifing violence.
Cinema grow as and branched because of it, without that you wouldn't have tarrentino etc.

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ABizzel1212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The articles main point is about the violence, however, they leave out a huge point in comparison to "Hollywood" (which can also depict heavy violence) and the real world (which again is as bad or worse especially today), and that is this game is set 24 / 25 years after the events of the outbreak which ruined the world.

Violence is there, because there is no law, there is no government, everything has reset back to that of a survivalist mentality and fundamentals of an animal kingdom. The human race has not been a national civilization for a quarter of a century, and besides nature they have to worry about surviving the infected and spores daily.

In summary, Morality is gone, it's kill or be killed, them against us. Characters like Ellie only know this life, and characters like Joel... had to learn this over 20 years. So the violence is understood, because having a moral compass when people have lost there's over the span of 25 years is a way to get your killed.

Even today the moral compass of the world is questionable, give them world no hope, starvation, and constant death, and we will devolve into chaos as well.

They lead with the Spielberg quote, however, The Last of Us has made me feel empathy and emotions, concern for characters, and anticipation for the story more than 99.9% of Hollywood Blockbusters, which is why this quote is no longer valid to the millions of gamers who enjoy games of all kinds for their story.

MWH212d ago

I think you'll like the movie The Road. check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

ABizzel1212d ago


Seen it and loved it, and the controversial ending :)

Not everything needs a happy ending, there's a movie that flatout nearly steals from The Last of Us on Netflix. The Girl with all the gifts, it's pretty good as well.

jznrpg211d ago

@MWH I watched the Road With my wife many years ago in the Theatre , very underrated.

Cueil211d ago

You don't interact with these depressing ass movies and they, aside from the rare few, are generally small films with limited runs

Melankolis211d ago

We live in the same era when Game of Thrones broadcasted. That "medievil" setting depicted in the series was full of violence and indecent things. Yet, the viewers are fine with that. The viewers understood.

But why the same thing cannot be applied to videogames?. Are the videogame players not ready for this kind of "entertainment"? or is it because most of them are just not matured enough to accept any gruesome story and/or ending?.

I haven't played this but i always ready for gruesome story, tragedy, or controversial ending. All of them never bothered me.

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Rambokind212d ago

Go the the user reviews on Metacritic and you'll understand why he put it that way.

ABizzel1212d ago

Why? So he can see people upset about the opening of the game, so he can see people outraged by having to play as a lesbian which everyone should have known from the first game's DLC who wanted to find love in a world that has nearly none, and enraged by the decisions of some of the characters???

It's okay to not like to direction Naughty chose to go with the story, it's okay to be angered by what happens, it's not okay to rate a game a 0/10 for it when the game is clearly a huge improvement in gameplay over the original and even an upgrade over Uncharted on PS4, offers arguably the best acting in any video to date, and if you care about graphics one of the best looking games on any platform. I won't argue the story because that's subjective, but I will say as much as I was shocked by the opening and what happens through the game I was just as impressed with the bravery and decisions they chose, and in the end, I loved this game just as much as the original.

Profchaos211d ago

The game has been out for 24 hours and over 3000 negaty metacritic review bombs.
Do you really think all those people even played the introduction yet

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timotim212d ago

Y'all better get ready! Its coming!

timotim212d ago

Nothing wrong with it man...nothing wrong with it at all.

rainslacker211d ago

You mean the wells Fargo wagon? OH BOY!!!

CorndogBurglar212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Did he say its not allowed to fail? Did you get upset when articles criticized other games? Are people not allowed to write articles and state their opinion anymore?

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Mothman1984212d ago

Calm down's all right now - just relax and take your pills :)

Mothman1984211d ago

Nevermind. It's OK to see things differently. Peace man

anast211d ago

There is a disconnect to what profundity is when pared with video games stories. Not one of them in the history of gaming has been profound. The closest story wise would be RDR2, the dichotomy between industrialization and freedom and the Last of Us 1, the strength of a father and daughter relationship.

Profound is in the space of Dostoevsky, Camus, Darwin, Kropotkin, Novatore, Kafka and on and on. People want profound then we might need to set the bar toward world changing.

porkChop211d ago

No one said they aren't allowed to fail. It's just an opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

rainslacker211d ago

Wired always trying to be edgy.

RangerWalk267211d ago

I'm not in to it as much as the first one. However, I'm only 6 hours in. The first one was sooo good and changed the way I viewed post apocalyptic times. They captured it so well that it set the bar for the second almost too high for it to compete with the first.

Bahamut-Shin211d ago

it is allow to succed or fail, but there are many vocal people who thinks everyone opinon is based around their genitalia.

Mister_Wolf211d ago

Stop whining. It is allowed to fail. And people are allowed to talk about its failures. Stop putting ND and this game on a pedestal.

TheHan211d ago

Simply because naughty dog puts themselves as the top PS first party developer. Meaning their gonna get the most criticism. Goes for many talented developers, such as 343i

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overlordror212d ago

This article's analysis isn't as deep as it makes itself out to be, either.

Rambokind212d ago

Then you didn't read it carefully

CaptainOmega211d ago

The only thing the article really talks about is the game is primarily about violence.

I haven’t played it yet (i will)... but I have a feeling it WILL be profound.

Christopher209d ago

It honestly isn't. These same things have been said for decades about books, tv shows, and movies. The idea of utilizing a medium know for glorifying one thing or another to show how it's wrong rarely works and is typically criticized.

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Dixiedevil212d ago

Let the pearl clutching begin.

TheProfessional212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

This is a bad joke. It's a masterpiece and truly something different. The bleak tone and extremely realistic violence combined with 10/10 graphics, responsive controls, intense combat and classic survival horror elements with the clickers and infected make it one of the best.

It's ambitious and has a well written, long campaign with memorable levels. The way it examines violence and revenge is interesting, especially for a game. How is it failing at anything?

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Wimba61212d ago

The entire plot is garbage.

I am so tempted to post spoilers here but NOONE can write the a summary of the game’s story without contradiction. It is stupid and makes no sense.

Idk how the game got 10s. Idk how the game follows up one of the best stories in gaming.
It is bad.

The story is objectively plot hole ridden filth and I cannot understand the delusion.

throne212d ago

visuals, immersive environments, fluid gameplay, intense action...comes to mind

outsider1624211d ago

You finished the game? Im halfway now...damn is this game amzing or what. I too did not like the direction but i will finish it.
Ill form my own decision. Visuals, pacing, sound, music, armosphere, acting, ...the best ive seen.

CaptainOmega211d ago

Then do it. Spoil it. Go ahead and tell us how the game is such a mess. You’ve had the game for how long? less than 12 hours? You’ve already beaten it?

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Profchaos211d ago

It's been out for 24 hours have you seriously finished it ?

OMNlPOTENT211d ago

Cmon man don’t threaten to post spoilers. It doesn’t help backup your point. I agree though, the plot is one of the worst things I’ve ever sat through. I played the OG last of us mainly for its compelling and excellent story. It feels like a stab in the back tbh.

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Ristul212d ago

Its different alright. Its almost hard to believe Sony spent so much time and resourses on this absurd plot.

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gamer7804211d ago

Appreciate the same old revenge story with horrible character development and continuity? Okay have at it!

Dragonscale211d ago

Masterpiece my ass lol. The game is a bad joke and deserves all the criticism currently.

BenRC01211d ago

I adore tlou, but this is boring, trite, and an actual chore to play. Someone the decisions made in the 2nd half are just insane. Its like they're not even tlou fans.

cell989211d ago

Well written? What are you 10?

Christopher209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

We're allowed our opinions but can't get behind some of yours.

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