Checking Out Fan-Made Special Edition PlayStation 5 Designs

The PlayStation 5 design left a lot of differing opinions on people. Some were led to create special editions of it. We gather a few of the ones we found.

waverider1466d ago

So many cool designs. I really hope that its possible to change the cover and get others. Really like many here.

nowitzki20041466d ago

Great idea, I dont want to buy a whole new PS5 for a certain edition, and I did love Xbox 360 faceplates, Faceplates just didnt cover enough of the console.

medman1466d ago

I've seen some pretty good looking mockups, but I don't see any on this site that I would be interested in. I saw one that was dark grey and black, and to date that is probably the one I would choose.

Neonridr1466d ago

The first one. That's all I'd really want to be honest.

Skate-AK1465d ago

That Cyberpunk one is pretty cool but I really do like the Red and Black one.

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