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CCG writes - "While slim on story, One Step From Eden tasks you with reaching the titular place by finishing eight worlds with a boss in each (which are all playable characters as well excluding the final one in a run). Battles take place on an 8X4 grid, with you and the enemy taking 16 squares each. You can move around freely in your side and activate spells that need mana in order to cast. All characters have a way to regenerate mana, with most of them having this done automatically. By completing stages, you will have the chance to select a random spell to add to your deck, which have different properties that will help or hinder you in your run. You can also level up with experience, which will also grant you artifacts to use; these have beneficial effects that will last until the end of your run. Due to the procedural generation of the game, each run is unique (though you can pick a seed number if you’ve written it down and can replay that identical instance if you desire)."

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TGG_overlord707d ago

Now that's a really good game right there imo.

BootHammer707d ago

Very interesting, might have to check it out.