Apple Rejects Facebook’s Gaming App, for at Least the Fifth Time

Apple has repeatedly denied Facebook’s new Gaming app from appearing in its App Store, citing its own rules.

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RazzerRedux55d ago

This type of thing is why I abandoned iPhone. Open markets are better than closed ones in nearly every way.

timotim55d ago

Anti competitive. Someone really needs to look into this. These phone stores is more of a monopoly than what Microsoft was doing back in the day with Windows, yet these companies are outright rejecting competition today. At least Microsoft was trying to mask it back then haha.

Ricegum55d ago

This isn't about Microsoft. The company must always be on your mind bud.

AK9154d ago

You only figured this out now?

Kabaneri55d ago

Apple is so greedy and arrogant they're the Activision of tech companies.

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neutralgamer199255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

last iphone i had was iphone 4 i think. android is just better for me(personal opinion)

apple is greedy on another level when it comes to everything. Like how they didn't use USB type C for so long and kept selling their own lighting cables for so long and now they will introduce type c and act like they invented it and giving their users the best thing since sliced bread. They are the ultimate take as little risk as possible and stay behind competition tech wise for years because apple fanboys keep buying. USB type c is in next gen consoles controllers yet iphone still doesn't have it haha

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