Huge Sony Info Blowout

In attendance at the Sony Computer Entertainment Staff Annual Briefing held yesterday in London, an anonymous source going by the alias of 'Legends' has just tipped D+PAD off in all manner of huge PlayStation news.

Click through for info on LittleBigPlanet PSP, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and much more.

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TheHater5189d ago

All hell is going to freeze over when this game comes out. I cannot wait to play this baby

gamesmaster5189d ago

"Finally our source revealed that God of War 3 was “masterfully shown at the end”, and that it looked so good our source wasn’t clear whether it was CGI or not!"

yeah baby! cant wait to see this footage.

SixTwoTwo5189d ago

Yes God of War III will kick everyones fukin a$$ but dammit I want to see the Uncharted 2 footage.

Doppy5189d ago

I wonder why their plans are for online. I read somewhere a while back that they were trying to do something different with online from standard action games. I wonder what it could be. I thin I read somewhere that they were trying to do co-op, but I don't know how that would work. Anywho if this is the last GOW then what do you guys think Sony could do to replace this amazing franchise.

IzKyD13315189d ago

It's god of war, did you expect anything different?
and i'm really interested in seeing how LBP PSP would play out....

Killjoy30005189d ago

And everyone thought Gears 2 was "Next-gen" ??? Haha, God of War 3 will mop the floor with Gears.

Mozilla895189d ago

I'm really curious about Uncharted 2 cause I know GOW 3 will be great. If they add in some new gameplay mechanics, bump up the graphics a bit, and maybe throw in some multiplayer it should be good.

Coheno5189d ago

God of War 3 is probably THE game i'm looking the most forward to! Kratos is gonna kick some serious ass(can I say that in here?)!

ultimolu5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

God of War III + HDTV =...OWNAGE.

Holy crap. Now I'm REALLY excited.

And Uncharted 2! o_o! Can't wait for that as well!

socomnick5189d ago

Lol Jesus why do you guys get hyped for this game when its well over a year away. I dont think this game will ship in 2009 perhaps 2010.
You know Sony , you take their release date and add 1 to 2 years .

arika5189d ago

most excellent news. btw i got into the home beta today. man it is looking damn good. just lacks some content, but i guess that is why its called a beta huh?. anyway i'm loving it! woot!

SuperM5189d ago

Lol Jesus why do you bother posting in this thread when you dont even care about the news.

God of War3 can come whenever it will come, but the truth is it already looks better then anything you will ever see on the 360 even if microsoft used two decades to pump every last pixel out of the broken hardware :)

Fallen_Angel5189d ago

Another price cut ? How desperate is sony ?

arika5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

who said i'm not hyped about this game. my hype meter for this games are through the roof! now that we are getting this info's on these awesome games. i want to see some pics and videos, specially the GOD OF WAR 3 one. man when they said it almost looks like a cgi movie. can't wait. kratos will kick some major ass. 2009 is looking to be the year of the ps3. with all these games coming in and a price cut to boot, ps3 might even have a chance to beat the mighty Wii. well see. all is good though because i have both system. best of both worlds. the other one is hardcore and the other is casual.

iamtehpwn5189d ago

And the Sky COULD be blue!

Of course it'll be amazing.
It's the last game in the triology and a potential killer app for PS3, not to mention, a first party game which, first part companies always maximize their hardware best (true of Microsoft and Nintendo too).

prowiew5189d ago

I cant wait for god of war 3. I hope it comes soon.

hazeblaze5189d ago

I just hope it's true... The 'credible source' always seems sketchy to me. For instance, I can't imagine Uncharted 2 not making a graphical leap....

If GOWIII comes anywhere close to the CGI shown at E3 though, it's going to be freakin awesome! And considering how close KZ2 came to the CGI, I definitely believe it's possible.

RememberThe3575189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

To be honest we all new these things were going to happen.

The thing I'm most exited about is the Sony sees the PSN as a huge success and is investing more into it.

This little tid bit of news is the most encouraging to me. I am going to love the sh*t out of both uncharted 2 and gow3, but the fact the Sony is going to put even more into this free service is freakin exiting.

These Systems are evolving right in front of us, and It's nice to see that Sony have plans to push quality content out the door even in a much slower economy.

uie4rhig5189d ago

this was all rumoured before lol.. but i guess can't complain!! if this was the year of the ps3.. i wonder what next will do for ps3.. it will be like the year of the year of the ps3 or something weird like that lol.. can't wait for Uncharted 2, PSN improvements and GoW3 :) now if only i could fast forward time.. hmm!!!

BattleAxe5189d ago

GoW3, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, M.A.G., Infamous, GT5 and possibly Splinter Cell: Conviction and Crysis....... Talk about PS3 PWNAGE for the next year and a half.

phosphor1125189d ago

"All Hades is going to freeze over"

I can't wait...

Fallen_Angel5189d ago

"I cant wait for god of war 3. I hope it comes soon."

hate to break it to you but its called the delaystation for a reason. It wont be out till x mas of 2010

pharmd5189d ago

lol at the first comment on that page...


King_many_layers5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

ooooooooooops... ignore this

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Nitrowolf25189d ago

i want to see that God Of war 3 gameplay/or wat ever it was sounds awsome

RememberThe3575189d ago

They don't want to over shadow Killzone 2's graphical prowess just yet.

If GoW3 looks as good as people are saying, it will capture a ton of attention that they'd want on other first party games that are coming out at the beginning of the year.

SaiyanFury5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

There are a lot of great things coming. I've heard it said that PlayStation is synonymous with gaming. I have no doubts. Since the launch of the PS3 back in November 06, Sony has been striving to better the experience and addressing complaints. Even settling it's differences with Immersion to deliver a motion sensing controller with rumble. From overhauling the PS Store to making improvements to the system through consistent firmware enhancements, Sony is the real deal. Maybe 2008 wasn't the "year of the PS3" that Sony promised, but God knows there was a lot to play. Even Xbox 360 "exclusives" are being delivered in the form of Eternal Sonata, which I'm much more comfortable playing on my PS3. God knows the addition of the DTS track is a step above the 360 version. 4 games now have DTS soundtracks. I was blown away when the first Uncharted had the first DTS soundtrack. The explosions rattle my walls with my full on home theatre. Now in the last month, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata all have DTS tracks. On top of that, the PS3 has the best track record for delivering the highest average reviews for games. Yes, the 360 has great games no doubt, but PS3 has the highest average ratings across the 3 platforms.

In the early times of the PS3, the question, "Is Blu-ray necessary?" was posed. Well now that BD has won the format war and developers have the extravagant space to develop in, and high end audio codecs like DTS are possible even with the inclusion of Japanese language tracks. Capacity is the name of the game when it comes to HD content and MS shot themselves in the foot when they decided to use a previous generational format like DVD. The space simply isn't there.

I like my 360, I really do. Lord knows I loved the hell out of Ninja Gaiden 2, but imagine the game with a DTS soundtrack and Japanese dialogue. DVD9 simply can't offer that in a true HD environment.

I apologize for the long post, but it's all true. And if Sony's planning a price cut in early 09 then only good things will come from it.

Bigbangbing5189d ago

i'm not sure about the "Our source" thing ... "Uncharted 2 Looks the same as Uncharted 1" WoOt !!

elorm95189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

I really hope Naughty Dog does indeed ramp up the visuals for Uncharted 2. I also think that they should seriously use the animations from 8 Days. Just incredible

mikeslemonade5189d ago

It will look better once it is released.

Doppy5189d ago

Uncharted 2 will look a lot better. Motorstorm Pacific Rift looked kind of bland at E3, and only 3 months later it's became one of the best looking games this holiday. Same thing with Killzone 2, at last year's E3 the graphics were good enough to be accepted and this year they've leaped above that, and they also have 3 months left, so seeing how Uncharted 2 shouldn't be coming out until later on next year they have plenty of time to focus on the graphics.

yog-sothot5189d ago

I don't know... Uncharted was already so damn beautiful. My guess is that the graphical improvement will be something like the gap between Gears 1 and Gears 2 on the 360.

fishd5189d ago

The last thing that you should be worry about Uncharted2 is
the visual,just check this out guys,Target render from 2006
Vs real game in 2007,ND F*ing PWNED their own target

Doppy5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

Agreed Uncharted was a great looking game, and the only thing they need to do is improve the textures (specifically ground, skin, and make the water even better). The only thing that truly needs to be improved upon is the openess. Uncharted was heavily scripted, and for a game taking place in the jungle there should defineately be more openess and various aproaches to a task.

What I mean about openness and taking different approaches is that if you see thugs going inside of a temple then you should be able to explore the outside of the temple and find various ways in without alarming the goons remember they wanted Drake to be an everyman and an everyman would avoid a gun fight when he's extremely outnumbered. And once inside the temple give let us explore the different parts of the temple for treasures (he's a treasure hunter and treasure has to be found not picked up off a ledge where you have to jump to).

Platforming should be implemented a little more too. Drake was too monkey like, and again he's suppose to be an everyman so make him move like one. Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge got climbing down, so something more like that would be better animation-wise (keep Drake's actual movements a little faster to keep things interesting). Make platforimg a little harder without making it stupid hard. It was way too easy, you could get from point to point by constantly pushing the jump button, but don't make it hard make it natural. And when you get on a ledge that's about to break don't have it sit there until you move, if it's gonna break it's gonna break.

Finally take out the response system where if you move too close they automatically know you're there and stat shooting. Let Drake sneak up on people more, for Christ sake's that was one of the trophies sneaking up and killing 20 or 30 people.

It may seem like a lot, but all of these things are very very very minor complaints I have about the original, and I think fixing them would enhance the game a give it more of a realistic feel, and that's all the game needs is a new plot and a better sense of danger since Drake is an everyman.


I forgot the ground vegetation it could use some work.

yoghurt5189d ago

to be fair, they cant really comment on graphics at an early stage as this, so I wouldnt worry that they are 'the same' as uncharted 1...early days

Coheno5189d ago

I couldn't agree more to all the changes for an Uncharted 2! You kind of summed it all up. Would add though, that Drake can climb other paths, then the one he is suppose to go... it was kind of bugging me, jumping to a ledge that looks like the rest, but that he won't grap on to, just to fall to my death... But as you said, really really minor stuff...
But yeah they have had 2 year for the second game, graphics look the same! SO!? The graphics are fantastisc in the first game, don't see a need change them all too much...
Looking forward to this one also very VERY much!

Premonition5189d ago

I think he should wait to pass his judgement, hes judging a game thats still in developement whos to say it will look the same when its polished? The first one was really good and I believe they can push it even more this time around.

RememberThe3575189d ago

All they'd really have to do is some slight texture upgrades, slightly better grass animation, so that it only moving when drake it's it, and bam, you have one of the best looking games to date. Oh, and the explosions need an upgrade.

King_many_layers5189d ago

I completely agree with you on nearly all those points, especially the platforming and mulitple paths. I think the water was fantastic allready though. Only thing was the splashes really.

One thing that Uncharted does that I haven't seen in any other game is the fantatic use of lighting on the textures. Go onto levels like the castle I think it's the 5th level and you aim at a wall then walk in a semi circle whilst aiming at one point. the way the textures and lighting work together is phenomenal. I've not seen that in any game before. fantastic stuff.

pain777pas5188d ago

the difference will probably be like gears 1 to 2. Uncharted is a lovely and well crafted game in all its mechanics.

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Silogon5189d ago

They talk like Uncharted 2's graphics not improving as if it's a bad thing... "ha" the 1st one is still the best looking console game ever and by the time this one drops it'll look even better.

i expect, after hearing Evan Wells talk, that they will spend most of their efforts on the fighting, the exploration and the environmental details, though. He said he wasn't happy with the water effects and he wasn't happy with the trees in the game. He also said it wasn't alive enough and that they needed more background wild life roaming about.

He said they'd also be building upon the 2600 animations too. So, all in all it'll be fantastic. Let's hope they take my idea of putting it in the ALPS and having Drake duke it out against a mysterious Abominal snowman from time to time. Think the Nemesis on Resident Evil 3, only not as scripted.

TOO PAWNED5189d ago

I dont believe that it looks "same" as Uncharted 1, hell even Gears 2 look better than Gears1, way better if i may add, so i expect same from Uncharted 2.

Bigbangbing5189d ago

didn't Naughty Dog said "we only used 30% of blah blah blah" ? so why not use 60% on the next one ?

PirateThom5189d ago

Why use 60% when they can easily use 35% and regain their crown as best looking console game?

Although, will Killzone 2 and God of War 3, they're gonna have competition.

TOO PAWNED5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )

I will make sure to ask them (Naughty Dog guys) your intelligent and logical question. First thing i do tomorrow

Bigbangbing5189d ago (Edited 5189d ago )


did i said something to you ?

i was asking Silogon .. and i meant to say this "Uncharted 2 Looks the same as Uncharted 1" is not making any sense :P

TOO PAWNED5189d ago

Than my apologize, i thought that you are xbox troll or something, you know how they are?

Bigbangbing5189d ago

its ok , and yes i know :P

Silogon5189d ago

NBnT, I don't know why Naughtydog wouldn't want to further their development into that % range, but I'm sure they will try. As I made mention a lot of the things you'll probably see in the next Uncharted will be polish orientated stuff.

Things like the physics
Things like the water
Things like the animations
Things like the fighting system
Things like the environments and how they act and react

I don't think graphics make up the whole picture, but I know Naughtydog will more than come thru. When they said 30% of the systems power that doesn't mean 70% of the available systems power can go to visuals.

Again, I do believe that what you'll see on Uncharted 2 is going to be an improvment all around.

RememberThe3575189d ago

The level when your in the rain gave it away for me.

In gears 1 the rain level blew my freakin mind, but the rain in gaers 2 just wasn't anything special.

I personally think Gears 1 was a better game.

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TOO PAWNED5189d ago

Besides it wasnt to hard to predict price cut in March, i said it like 6 months ago, and i am average Joe so logical things do not surprise me.
Neither does GoW3 possible amazing graphics, just look at how GoW2 looks on PS2, mindblowing!