Massively: Making/Money: EVE Economic Review Reviewed

Each quarter, the economist over at EVE Online, Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmondsson (there are supposed to be accent marks in there but Massively can't figure out how to make them appear), writes up a review of the in-game economy. There has been a noticeable lag in times past between the schedule for these quarterly newsletters and when they were actually distributed. October saw the release of the Quarterly Economic Newsletter for Q1 of this year and the promise of QENs for quarters 2 and 3 to follow in November and December, respectively.

Today, they'll take a look through what Dr. Gundmondsson has to say about the economy from January to March. They do encourage you to look through the PDF of the QEN for yourself ... and just ignore that they talk about June 2008 in future tense.

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