EA Next-Gen Sizzle Reel Shows Projects From DICE, Bioware, and Other Studios

As part of the EA Play show, EA showcased a short EA next-gen sizzle reel teasing what the publisher's studios are doing. Check out the trailer now.

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-Foxtrot48d ago

This show was awful

It feels like they had nothing

excaliburps48d ago

Well, we got Star Wars Squadrons gameplay and that was it. :(

Mr Pumblechook48d ago

Greg Miller was an awful host. He’s very shouty so EA probably think he’s entertaining but his smiles and laughs are strained and he appears dead behind the eyes. EA needs help to mend its branding but Miller’s insincerity does not help.

gamesftw25048d ago

You are not wrong.

This trumps the GC show for it being bad....

Nitrowolf248d ago

Yeesh, yeah this was pretty bad.
Didn't they do a sizzle real last time? If not last time, then I know for sure last time a new-gen was starting.
Hate that, just don't bother showing it tbh

Still, those are some pretty impressive visuals, and that Battlefield segment looked to have well over 100 characters running around

b163o148d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Michael Scott....Yesh..


ApocalypseShadow48d ago

Was such an annoying and irritating presentation. So much talking and YouTube influencer type bull$#!+ from the Kinda Funny guy and the rest. So much CGI. So much fast editing of game clips where you couldn't really get a bead on what you were seeing unless you have ADD. You'd have to slow the YouTube video down after the show to see something. It was like that terrible thing they added to poorly made choreography action movies. The "shaky cam." It was like that. I HATE that. Ugh! Shaky cam. Ugh.

And someone said "safe space" in the video. I almost threw my phone..well not really. Lol. But that's how I felt. I watched because of Squadrons and it was alright when they finally got past the fluff.

But got [email protected]! I hate EA. Maybe that was it. But I think it was definitely the show. Lol!

UltraNova48d ago

They showed nothing basically, the exception being Squadrons, which was a complete reveal.

I thought being a full VR game would make you happy! I'm pretty sure it will give VR gamers an advantage online(wait is VR supported in multiplayer?).

RaidenBlack48d ago

Exactly, 11 secs of 2 car renders and 6 secs of two loading gauges, Representing NFS
10secs of Dragon Age concept show case
12 secs of Battlefield including 6 secs of building collapse + eyes and 6 secs of untextured soldier models + a creepy smile
and 8 secs of EA Motive's pre-Alpha 3rd person Half Life

potatoseal48d ago

Man that face look real af

angelsx48d ago

Imagine next Battlefield

potatoseal48d ago

The Kinda Funny guy is a fake and a sell-out always has been. He whore's himself out lol. Greggy rolls

Majin-vegeta48d ago

Yup ever since he threw Colin under the bus.I hated that Pillsbury dough boy

Nitrowolf248d ago

wasn't he in a stream yesterday? yikes

MorbidPorpoise48d ago

Cant get away from him... no doubt he will be on all the upcoming streams too lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.