The Ascent for Xbox Series X runs at 4K 60fps with HDR

With great power… comes projectiles and explosions in stunning 4K, 60 fps and HDR.

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iplay1up2535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

I want both next gen consoles. This holiday it will depend on launch title line up for me. If Horizon Zero were a release window game, I would get PS5. I will decide in July after the Xbox digital event.

A lot of Xbox One games are getting a series X upgrade for free. They go above and beyond the X1X updates already out! Sony is not taking the same approach.

Apex13535d ago

Facts and ps5 can’t run 4K at 60fps currently.

ColdSin535d ago

Just like boing1 said, GT7 ran at 4k and 60 fps.

343_Guilty_Spark535d ago


Didn't you guys say that 4K 60 was easy for a racer?

S2Killinit535d ago

The Ascent is a over the top twin stick arcade shooter, not a AAA game.

Yodasfavoritesoda535d ago

4k 60 is for peasants. How about 4k 120 FPS with ray tracing. The ps5 will never do that

Marquinho535d ago

We'd need to wait and see how it runs on PS5. Maybe it also reaches 4k/60... maybe not.

jimbost79535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

4k 12fps with Ray tracing pffft!
I'll play nothing less than 8k @240fps minimum

IRetrouk535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Gran Turismo 7 - 4k 60 FPS
Sackboy: A Big Adventure - 4k 60 FPS
Godfall - 4k 60 FPS
Astro's Playroom - 4k 60 FPS
I think resident evil was too but cant remember.

jbull535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

The Ascent is hardly a big demanding game, in fact 4k 60fps for a 12 teraflop console for an arcade shooter would be standard. It's like ray tracing argument people use with Minecraft, well of course they can use it and maintain high fps as there's not much happening in the game demand wise. Let's see how they handle proper AAA high performance open world games like Assassins creed, Elder Scrolls etc..

sushimama535d ago (Edited 535d ago )


You just blatantly lie like crazy., You're scared

Hakuoro535d ago


Apparently it's also pretty easy for a game with a zoomed out camera that doesn't have to display the finer details.

Anyways both consoles will have games that are 30 and 60 fps.

I'm glad to see nice looking games but don't oversell the 2 TF's.

535d ago
bouzebbal535d ago

Games on ps3 and wii u were 1080p 60fps.. Don't see why 2 gens later consoles can't run 4k 60fps yet.. What you say is ridiculous

Neonridr535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

let's slow down on posting stuff. Lots of people loved using the terminology 4K when it wasn't in fact native.

@bouzebbal - pretty sure not a single game ran natively on the PS3 at 1080p/60fps.

Ron_Danger535d ago


Super Stardust HD ran 1080p 60fps on PS3

“The original 2D version supports full 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.“

And before you go all “it’s not AAA”... you did say “not a single game”

bouzebbal535d ago


WipEout HD says hi 👍🏽

NXFather535d ago

I thought the super ssd would allow it to be 4k 60 in all multiplat last gen calibur games.

xX-oldboy-Xx535d ago

Apex13 - An isometric shooter running [email protected] is nothing to write home about - facts.
I swear the amount of mis-information that people perpetuate is disappointing. Get some facts before you start stating 'facts' that aren't facts.

xX-oldboy-Xx535d ago

343 - Not as easy as isometric shooter.

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Sophisticated_Chap535d ago

That's not true, games like BugSnax will almost certainly run @ native 4K/60.

Old McGroin535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

@ boing1

Digital Foundry says hi.

"For the most part, it looks like a native 2160p presentation, but we'd need to see more video to rule out a reconstruction technique such as checkerboard rendering."

Spicyram535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Death loop LITERALLY runs at 4K 60fps. Learn to use google, xbox fanboy.

Shakengandulf535d ago

Haha love stupid comments like these..
You do realize not all xbox games will be 60fps right.. right.. 🤣🤣

waverider534d ago

Facts, You dont know what You are talking. This game is average and not next gen. Nobody buys a console to play this....

jznrpg534d ago

This is a low end game . This is not an achievement

DarXyde534d ago

Any console with a 60hz output is capable of 60fps, it is purely a matter of compromise. Literally EVERY game can be 30fps if you crank the visuals high enough. 4k/60fps is extremely possible on PS5, but there will be compromise to visuals. The same is true of literally every piece of hardware, including PC, including Xbox Series X.

Don't be a fool.

xboxcult534d ago

Facts most games shown at Sony Games event were 30FPS. A few were 60 though. Racing games at 60FPS aren't impressive.

DOMination-534d ago

What resolution and framerate were SSX3, Super Mario Kart and Silent Hill 2?

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KeenBean345535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

That's the thing. I will get both but I think the xbox at launch and then getting the ps5 when the games I want like Horizon release is probably the smartest decision for me personally

--Onilink--535d ago

For me, SX at launch is mostly about gamepass. I already have it until like July 2022, so its the most cost effective launch option.

That said, as soon as Ratchet or Horizon launches, I’ll get the PS5

Hakuoro535d ago

Meh, SX is pointless. I'll play anything Microsoft makes on PC.

My plans are Big Navi + PS5.

--Onilink--535d ago


Well, pointless for you. Its still a leap over what like 80% of steam users have.

tontontam0535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

"Well, pointless for you. Its still a leap over what like 80% of steam users have."

Yup I understand that most pc elitist has deep pocket and they can upgrade all they want. and these people are the minority.

Majority of pc gamers are like me who do not upgrade for at least 5 years. some of my friends are now regretting their upgrade this year most of them bought a 1660ti or a 5600xt. because why not? if you build a pc with this specs it would cost you at least $600. And they are pretty confident that these "MORE EXPENSIVE parts" will be more powerful than next gen.

These are people who upgraded "THIS YEAR", they won't be upgrading for quite a while, they'd be stuck with their systems which is inferior to next gen consoles.

Pickledpepper534d ago

@ tonton
You may have deep pockets and so have i, but my money comes from hard work unlike most pc basement dwellers who still live at home with mummy.
A guy i know is a pc user, he never left the house, stayed up all hours and looks like a vagrant.
I invited him out to the pub one night it took loads of persuading but i got him out and he cleaned up pretty good but when it came to talking to women it was a lost cause, he just kept talking about his pc and what level his dark elf was lol.
I ended up putting him back in his little hutch and made sure he had enough food and water.
Pc elitist, No thank you

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Kumakai535d ago

Yup. I'll be picking up both. I think the Series X will be my main console due to the extra horsepower etc, but don't wanna miss out on Sony's first party offerings.

MikeNike310535d ago

Is there any concrete evidence that shows third party games on the series x performing better than the PS5s third party games?

I understand that it should be the case but I was just wondering

Smclaren1985535d ago

Luckily we are fortunate enough to buy both, I will do the same, just like this generation Xbox for multiplats playstation for exclusives, they simply make the best games on the market it’s no question. We must also remember a lot of people don’t have that luxury of buying both at the end of the day nice to see you are open minded though wish more people where like that regardless if they can afford both

jukins535d ago

Maybe you've missed up it but several ps4 titles have been confirmed to be free upgrade on ps5 just like microsoft. And apex please there were at least 4 possibly 5 (being reaident evil 8) 4k60fps games on ps5 reveal WITH gameplay. Microsofr been showing xbox series x stuff for over 8 months no gameplay

Smclaren1985535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Has res evil 8 been confirmed at 4K 60? I’m not digging at you I’m just wondering that’s great if so as 7 was aswell the gameplay they showed was no where near 60 it was way below as it was alpha gameplay. I’m not saying your wrong just want to know buddy that’s all?

jukins534d ago

I did say possibly. Thats just based on a digital foundry guess so like I said possibly. If its 1st person I can't imagine it wouldn't be 60fps

Obscure_Observer535d ago

That´s awesome news! Really looking forward for this game.

60fps or at least 60fps option should be nothing but common ground for both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

StoneyYoshi535d ago

"A lot of Xbox One games are getting a series X upgrade for free. They go above and beyond the X1X updates already out! Sony is not taking the same approach."

Sony just confirmed that they are using the same approach with their cross-play feature. But It is up to the developer to choose this just like MS stated with the XSX.

Koolaidude535d ago

Because Sony had no choice.

jukins534d ago

@Koolaidedude no choice? Theyve been doing it since ps3. Why is it so hard to understand that. Its always been up to the developer. Sony makes money regardless. Its up to rhe publisher as always as to whether or not its supported. But honestly smart delivery crossbuy whatever gonna be an after thought the more we get into next gen and they start to stop current gen development

dcbronco534d ago

But there are also a lot of games on SX that get better resolution and framerates even without developer's input. So SX will have a lot more games upgraded at launch that will require additional work for Sony.

Z501535d ago

"It will depend on launch title line up"
"A lot of Xbox One games are getting a series X upgrade for free"

Huh? What does XSX "launch titles" have to do with games ("Xbox One games") you can already play?

Smclaren1985535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Trust me your going to get 30fps on series x games just as much a ps5 don’t be fooled. We are talking 15 percent diff that’s not enough .This happens every generation ever since ps3. Microsoft claimed the Xbox one x would do the same it didn’t it’s up to developers at the end of the day We we expect to get 60fps the simple matter of fact is graphics sells more, they get more attention than frame rate it’s that simple. it’s sad but it’s just the way it is. Microsoft’s free upgrade plan will happen with every Microsoft published game they cant force other publishers to do the same . It’s up to them at the end of the day , if you do some research it’s a very sim story Sony supports it but ultimately it’s up to the publisher. Don’t be tricked by clever marketing strategies .Do you really think Sony will go against the grain and make all of us pay for each when there competition is doing it for free?! Like I said don’t be fooled.

InUrFoxHole534d ago

Getting both day 1. I absolutely love gaming. TLOU2 is excellent so far. Glad I didn't listen to the hate earlier and tried it myself

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"4K 60fps HDR"

That should be the standard for these consoles considering the tech inside of them.

Minute Man 721535d ago

Who the hell gave you thumbs down?


Wish I could tell you lol.

timotim535d ago

Gamers that are scared of losing the narrative.

xX-oldboy-Xx535d ago

I did - Because it's not even a standard on high-end PC's, wake you lot. There will have to concessions and if the dev decides to prioritise graphical fidelity over frame rate - so be it.

Does HellBlade 2 need to be 60fps to be a good game? I don't think so, would it stop you from playing it? I also don't think so.

ABizzel1535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

I didn't, but I personally disagree. Native 4K @ 60fps, isn't standard on current-gen PC games on a 2080 ti ($1,000 graphics card). It's not going to be the standard on consoles that are basically an RTX 2070 at worst up to RTX 2080 at best performance-wise. It does help that games are being coded directly to locked hardware, but it's still not going to be standard

I'll say this continuously, when it comes to the power of the GPUs, aiming for a Native 4K resolution is a waste of these consoles power better framerates and better graphics is more important than higher resolutions. 99.9% of console gamers and that includes n4g couldn't even point out a Native 4K image in comparison to Resolution scaling and Super Sampling. There are so many other techniques available to get high-quality resolutions that look practically identical to Native 4K to the naked eye, that saves so much performance that can go into FPS or image quality (DLSS, Checkerboard, Resolution Scaling, Super Sampling, etc...).

Native 4K is a complete waste. I sent these 3 images to a troll screaming about Native 4K, but it's a prime example on why Native 4K is only a fanboy and marketing term that they need to drop. One of these images of Gears 5 is Native 4K, one uses resolution scaling, and the other is 1440p upscaled with super sampling. The troll ran from the conversation after this, but I just want to show the point, of how pointless resolution is when dealing with anything over 1440p, however, 2 of these images offer a 10% and 20% performance increase over Native 4K.

If you want Native 4K @ 60fps, then get ready to have the majority of games look identical to current PS4 / XBO and at best-remastered versions of those same games.

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autobotdan535d ago

That's not good enough. I demand 16k 240fps Ultra HDR in 2021. Nothing less

timotim535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

I know youre trying to be funny and even damage control a little as well...but you just took things to an extreme to make a point when Logic is talking about things that are actually plausible. There is no appliances that you can buy that supports 16k and 240FPS, thus your post sounds silly. However, 4K60 HDR isn't a pipe dream, its what these next-gen console are viably capable of. Its our job to make sure that devs understand this so we as gamers at least get OPTIONS in these games to go higher and take advantage of the tech we invested into. My OLED displays soundbar is Atmos...I want games that take advantage of my tech.

Lastly...Logic isn't saying "nothing less" like you did, he is saying he wants something more than what is the standard right now and I think thats more than fair considering theirs a new generation on the horizon. Devs can continue to make AAA games at 30FPS...but AT LEAST put a 60FPS OPTION in there as well.

StoneyYoshi535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

"Devs can continue to make AAA games at 30FPS...but AT LEAST put a 60FPS OPTION in there as well."

Then you'll lose the 4K part (which is fine by me) which will sadly upset people. These systems are strong pieces of tech but 4k 60 with next-gen quality graphics just isn't going to be as likely like everyone believes it will be... Even with a 1.8TF advantage with the XSX. But with the way 4K TVs work these days, they upscale so well (depending on your model) that it's highly likely you won't even notice the difference.

Basically what I'm getting at is that people need to lower their expectations with native 4K 60 being likely on most games. Especially if devs are wanting to push the envelope with these systems to give true next-gen experiences. Personally I would be happy if the Devs focused more on 1440p 60 instead of native 4K 30.

timotim535d ago

How can they get upset when they would still have the option to play the game at 30FPS if that works better for their set up and/or preference???

And why would you lose the "4K part" when at the very least their is dynamic resolution that can adjust itself based off the workload?

StoneyYoshi535d ago

"How can they get upset when they would still have the option to play the game at 30FPS if that works better for their set up and/or preference??? And why would you lose the "4K part" when at the very least their is dynamic resolution that can adjust itself based off the workload?"

They would get upset because it's not at 60fps a lot of people in the comment sections everywhere want to brag about their games running at native 4K 60 because somehow that's all that matters now. There's always going to be Karen's that are going to complain and raise hell.

And I mean you lose the 4K part as in losing Native 4K. Dynamic resolution is not Native 4K. After seeing how some people talk in these comment sections, you can't say people won't be talking smack and getting upset about their games not running at 4K 100% of the time.

Minute Man 721535d ago

How long have we played @ 30fps?

The NES ran @ 60 fps

Minute Man 721535d ago

@ boing1

"It's a 16-17% difference so that would give what?"

Percentages are nice but you are looking at it wrong

Teraflop definition
"a unit of computing speed equal to one million million (10 to the 12th power) floating-point operations per second."

in the teraflop department is a PS5 and a PS4 combined

zypher535d ago (Edited 535d ago )


"... Logic is talking about things that are actually plausible."

Something being plausible and something being standard are two separate things.

"Logic isn't saying 'nothing less' like you did, he is saying he wants something more than what is the standard right now ..."

Games now run the gamut between 720p/1080p/4K/30fps/60fps. There is no standard, and there never was. Developers pick and choose the best parameters to convey the game they're trying to make, whether its a 720p/60fps PS3 game, or a 4k/30fps Xbox One X game. If anything, developers should be encouraged to see their vision through while not be pigeonholed by some arbitrary notion of "standard."

waverider534d ago

You are joking, but in reality a game like this should have much higher settings

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343_Guilty_Spark535d ago

Well its clear the tech in one is not quite enough to consistently hit 4K/60. The games still look good.

IRetrouk535d ago

Please, explain why it's so clear to you the tech in one isnt enough for 4k 60 but the other is?, real world examples though please, gonna be hard though considering the one you are talking about has indeed shown games at 4k 60 already🤷‍♂️

boing1535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Yeah, but the difference in power is so small, that any 3rd party game that will run in 60fps on XSX, should run in 60fps on PS5. I would expect only differences in resolutions this time, and not by much if any. It's a 16-17% difference so that would give what? 5fps more at the same res on XSX?