New Sony Patent Hints at Gaming News App for PlayStation 5

It looks like the PlayStation 5 will feature a separate Gaming News application if a new patent from Sony is anything to go by.

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THC CELL56d ago

Ah yes great idea for many reasons.

bouzebbal55d ago

i hope vita and PSTV remote play in the works!

morganfell55d ago

Its great. We can get news straight from the source without having to wade through middleman opinions disguised as fact or telling us what to believe.

ApocalypseShadow56d ago

Nice. Would also be cool of a direct link to Sony's YouTube channel on the UI. There's so many new IP trailers that gamers would have direct access to see them.

BrettAwesome55d ago

That actually would be kinda nice 🙂👍

drpepperdude55d ago

I remember back in the PS3 and 360 days I would download and watch all the game trailers. I think we lost those type of features in the current gen.

drpepperdude55d ago

I'm surprised modern consoles don't have widgets that you can add to the dashboard like on android. On my modded original xbox it has a weather section on the dashboard. A strictly gaming news app would be nice but I have a feeling it would turn into a way to spread political messages.

NotoriousWhiz55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

One of the few good things about the Switch UI is the news app on it, and it is strictly gaming and entirely apolitical.