Demon's Souls PS5: a remake worth waiting a generation for? | Digital Foundry Tech Breakdown

The project sets out to make the very most of the PS5, boasting a native 4K, vastly improved visuals over PS3, and the prospect of ray-tracing support. Tom Morgan of Digital Foundry breaks down the trailer and assets released by Sony, showing how far we've come in over a generation.

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SamTheGamer46d ago

Of course. I am very excited to play.

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Bloodshedder46d ago

could have waited for another gen :) for true 4k, hdr, 60fps, raytracing... not to have to choose between them
still gonna play it!

xX-oldboy-Xx45d ago

Yes because that's the standard for gaming now haha. Wake up champ - not ALL games are going to be that way.

No good pissing and moaning when a game doesn't tick off the bullet points you think matter.

Darkborn46d ago

So happy to play it once again. This game had so many cool things and frustratingly hard parts when you play it for the first time. I almost quit several times but I'm glad I stuck with it.

RaidenBlack46d ago

I didn't even buy it, sensing the steep difficulty curve.
Got it after Dark Souls got announced, at around June 2011 as far I can recall.

rdgneoz346d ago

Difficult, but very satisfying when you beat a boss / area.

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The story is too old to be commented.