Crash Bandicoot Teaser Puzzle Being Sent Out, New Mask Possibly Hints at New Game

Multiple news outlets are currently receiving packages with what appears to be some sort of Crash Bandicoot teaser.

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-Foxtrot579d ago

Really hope they stick with the Remake designs, I saw some new merchandise that came out recently and they looked they were using the Mobile game redesigns. Who knows what will happen though.

Nitrowolf2579d ago

I hope they stick with the remake design also, but I can see them throwing that away

naruga578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Activision is not capable to develop a proper well made platformer....their lacking serious skills...if the remakes had some value was because they literally copy pasted the bluprints" of original 3 Crash games from Sony/ND...

.After the good moneygrabbing from audience because the hyppe and nostalgia (not from quality, Sony would have done miracles if the IP was theirs) , Activision should sell the franchise to Sony at a good price ...they were never the guys that produced platformers , lets just get a grip and DONT destroy the franchise further

Relientk77579d ago

Man I wish they'd just announce the new Crash game already. Looks like it has something to do with time travel, because TIME is in all caps. So maybe N. Tropy might be coming back.

CRASHBASHUK578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

hope its a day one title for ps5 if it is that might be 4 games for me on day one O_O