FlatOut Coming to 360

Empire Interactive and Bugbear Entertainment have announced that FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage will be coming to the Xbox 360 in June. The game will effectively be a next-gen version of the million selling FlatOut 2.

The game has been re-built from the ground up and will include many Xbox 360 only features. The number of opponents has increased from 8 to 12. There are 5 new single player modes and 2 new multiplayer modes which can be played over Xbox Live. The number of "dynamic objects" has increased from 5,000 per track to 8,000 per track. All the cars will have "dynamic lighting and shadowing all with proper real-time environment mapping" and be made up of 20,000 polygons as opposed to 7,500 in FlatOut 2. Downloadable content is also planned.

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lsluke5725d ago

I had a lot of fun playing Flatout online in the PS2.

Now just have to wait. Great news.

JPomper5725d ago

Sweet! Had a blast with this game on the PC at the LAN parties.

jib5725d ago

me too. i had so much fun with flatout 2 on xbox. played like a cross between burnout/motorstorm and IMO, had the best car crashes for racing games

DreDawgg065725d ago

Great game, this is XBox360s answer to MotorStorm, I have great faith in this game and the sales numbers speak for themselves...over 1 million games sold. I bet money that this does better than MotorStorm and is more fun too.

God of Gaming5725d ago

Should be fun.. hope the achievements are well placed.

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