PSP Homebrew - iLife PSP v2


* Create your password, login and select your language (the password by default is "ilifepsp" )
* The CPU speed depends on CPU.conf
* As file menu, delete files and folders, rename files and folders, create folders and cut and paste files only.
* iLife Update avalaible.(It doesn't work yet correctly)
* Autoboot to iLife PSP.
* Added Chat and CPU settings.
* Bugs fixed.
* The time is fixed too. Now you can see the seconds and the date.
* System information improved, now you can see some informations in MB
* As regards playing songs and and loadings files:
* Load PSX games at format .PSX (only officials PSX GAMES)
* Read texts(still BETA)as txt,log, pdf,htm or php.
* Loading Lua and prx files fixed.
* BMP format is included . Now you can rotate the images.
* PLayings songs improved. CPU Speed is reduced, Ogg files fixed. R and L to play the next song or to play the pevious song . When song is finished, the next plays. Now you can see the percentage and the Songtime.
* You can browse images while you are listening to music
* Write the name for the captures.

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