EA Recommends PlayStation VR or Oculus Rift S for Star Wars: Squadrons

Yesterday’s big videogame news was that EA’s upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons would also be coming to virtual reality (VR) headsets. While cross-platform support was confirmed new details have been uncovered including recommended devices as well as how interactive the experience will be for players.

crazyCoconuts1199d ago

This is awesome. Finally the follow-up PSVR Rogue One fans have been waiting for. Took longer than expected - hope it's worth the wait...

Hakuoro1199d ago

It's nice to see EA finally helping to support things other than just whatever is the most popular. EA's lack of support really hurt things like WiiU Vita and up till now VR. The big publishers need to help drive new tech as much as the manufacturer.

Ratchet751199d ago

Didn't hurt Psvr tbh.

SpaceRanger1199d ago

Sounds like PS5 is going to be the console to play this on. Nice!

S2Killinit1199d ago

Next gen PSVR2 will be all the sweeter

BillyG0AT1199d ago

Ofcourse they're gonna recommend the cheaper VR options. They're not gonna say "oh yeah, you need a HTC VIVE Pro for VR" That would be terrible marketing.

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darthv72147d ago

all of those are good. I'd add some honorable mentions like Dark Forces and the original vector graphics arcade game.


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Babadook7146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

So there are light sabres in Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge?

psplova145d ago

Indeed there are.. in at least one story I've played so far there was..


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Silver_ShadoWolf148d ago

I guess the only question here is… why does this exist?