Why The PlayStation 5 Reveal Truly Marks The Beginning of Next-Gen

"The reveal event was a watershed moment and we discuss why we believe this event more than any other marked the beginning of ninth generation of gaming."

Gameondaily offer their opinion on why the PlayStation 5 reveal was a watershed moment in gaming and the significance of what was shown.

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darthv721260d ago

"The next generation doesn't start until we say it does." - Kazuo Hirai

S2Killinit1260d ago

Damn straight. Lol just kidding. But console habitat simply wouldnt be the same without them.

_SilverHawk_1260d ago

Microsoft says they don't believe in gaming generations but sony does with the Playstation. Ps5 is the only next generation console

Minute Man 7211260d ago

@ SilverHawk

Well yes, they believe in forward compatibility

Kabaneri1260d ago


How is the objectively weaker console the only one thats next gen?

caddytrek1260d ago

@Minute Man 721

"Well yes, they believe in forward compatibility:

Exactly they believe that they should limit game development to HDD specs and games that can run on the base xbone.

morganfell1260d ago

"How is the objectively weaker console the only one thats next gen?"

You mean subjectively. An weaker how? What defines next gen? Let me guess, Teraflops. Never mind that the Xbox series X will have those extra flops throttled. Sorry but next gen has to be about more than increasing the resolution. A game tied to the past and former tech plays the same at 1080p as it does in 8K. You have to do something with your console design that allows developers to fundamentally change the experience. And throwing more horsepower at the process is not the right solution. Allow developers to step sideways in the design and development process. We saw that in the Ratchet and Clank trailer with Ratchet warping instantly from one location to another. That is the very tip of the iceberg. Then there is the ability to draw massive detailed worlds through which you can move at unheard of speeds. All due to the fill rate possible with the SSD. And as someone that games at home sitting in the middle of a room with a really good sound system I can't wait to see what they do with the Tempest engine.

RauLeCreuset1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Wrong post.

Dragonscale1259d ago

@morganfell, well said and spot on. The new xbone is pretty much itirative like the one x considering ms want to end generations.

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ForNgoods1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

After reading the headline, this was exactly what popped into my head too lol. Good thing sony was humbled that gen otherwise I dont think ps4 would not have been as great as it was. Here's hoping ps5 is even better.

Edito1259d ago

It sounded arrogant at the time but it's so truth even today... That's why the media was so eager to pressure playstation to do something because they know that the next generation only starts when Playstation show it's muscles...

Bathyj1259d ago

Xbox had their chance to set the tone for nextgen and make a splash what did they do? Trailer trailer trailer running on PC and the Big promised draw card a third party "gameplay" reveal. It's so weird that a company that's all about marketing and hype is so bad at it. All the negativity for Sony because they were silent and all the positivity for Microsoft because they were so talkative was erased in an hour. Hell it was gone by the Spiderman trailer.

The biggest oh snap moment was when Jim Ryan just said enough from me we're going to let the games do the talking. And they did. They spoke volumes.

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Mooncake1260d ago

A strange coming together of my 2 favourite websites. I'm aroused.

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waverider1260d ago

Its more because of the millions and millions that watch the stream. They are talking about more then 80 millions. The impact its worldwide. On social media is crazy and we are still talking about it. Playstation Brand is just massive Worldwide.

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