Is your PC ready for Mortal Shell? The game's system requirements are now live

Is your PC ready for this great looking Souls-like?

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RaidenBlack166d ago

Recommended: SSD O.o
Seems like I need to get this one on PC instead of the PS4

FlameBaitGod165d ago

SDD has been common on PC for years lol (they cheap).

RaidenBlack165d ago

That's why I said it, I am gonna get it for PC. Anyways Beta will be PC only.

anubusgold165d ago

Those settings are low these days.

anubusgold164d ago

@ console people GeForce GTX 1070 came out in June 10, 2016 You are factually wrong thats a old card now you cant get passed that only console people still think a 1070 is still mid range now.

eddvdm165d ago

Sure, as soon EPIC beta testers help to fix all the bugs and technical issues I'll be ready to play it on Steam.

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