RETURNAL: Full Preview Details For Ambitious New 3rd Person Shooter For PS5

Returnal, which introduced us to a lone astronaut stuck on an alien planet and forced to relieve her crashing and dying upon it, over and over again, her memories and thoughts steadily becoming more twisted and gruesome with every death, the planet worming its way into her being and possibly vice versa, her only hope of maintaining her sanity being to somehow push through and solve the mystery at the heart of the planet. It’s all very dark, atmospheric, and brooding, and for most of the trailer, I would have assumed I was looking at a horror game.

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darthv72214d ago

I really liked the idea of this. Def a cool departure from the shmups that HM released for the launch of PS3 and PS4. I am also a big fan of the movie Edge of Tomorrow.

Spicyram213d ago

Hell yes, also love Edge of tomorrow. One of my all time favourite Sci-fi movies and this game certainly reminds me of it

sushimama214d ago

My God this looks so frickin' cool. The story sounds amazing. Can't wait for this

S2Killinit214d ago

I like how the fighting has a bit of Housemark’s previous titles (Super Stardust, Resogun, Nex Machina, Matterfall)

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Kurisu214d ago

Super Stardust was a lot of fun, and you can definitely see some nods to that in the gameplay. Loved Resogun too, but I haven't played Nex Machina or Matterfall. I'll definitely be buying Returnal, though.

Edito213d ago

I really liked that too... and reminded me of Nier Automata :-) Really cool.

OtterX214d ago

I couldn't put my finger on why the game's title didn't sit well with me at first, then I realized it does looks like "Returinal". :\

Oh well. The game looks amazing though, glad to see Housemarque stepping up to the AAA plate after their killer run on indies. Really cool concept, hope this turns into a homerun for them.

214d ago
OtterX214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

@Villanelle haha, I'm definitely not trying to troll it, my PS5 hype is through the roof! I just couldn't shake the feeling that something was off with the title... then it hit me. XD

It could be used against them by the haters IF it turned out poor, but Housemarque is a great development studio and I'm sure it will turn out good, if not great.

**just hope the sequel isn't called Returination, considering Housemarque's track record of Dead Nation and Alienation!

kthxcrayon213d ago

Agreed!! They should change it to Reternal fs~ the title is so... off...

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outsider1624214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Did you watch the Horizon FW video?

Bigger map
No loading screens.
Fast travel instantly
Starting the game, you're right in the action
Shell snappers, snapmaws, and many more machines.
God damn!!!! Cant wait.

Edit: I apologise for going off topic.

sushimama214d ago

What video are you talking about? The trailer?

outsider1624214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

This one. Coming out in 2021

Flewid638213d ago

Hitman does this. Doesnt matter where you save.....when you boot up, its the exact spot where you left off.

I hope more games make this a standard.

214d ago
Sunny_D214d ago

Lol there’s a thing called middle aged.

Ashunderfire86213d ago

A Soccer mom in a spacesuit in a game about saving herself...Cool!!!

JEECE214d ago

Interesting that two games with such similar concepts were shown at the PS5 showcase (this and Deathloop).

I'm all for it though. At this point for me, I often want something that is fun to pick up and play even if it's been awhile since I've played. These games sound perfect for that.

rainslacker213d ago

This one seemed more like alternate universes though.

JEECE213d ago

Fair enough. Either way, I plan to pick up both of them. Not just for the design either; Dishonored was one of my favorite games of the PS3 generation, and I have really enjoyed every Housemarque game I've played, especially Resogun.

rainslacker213d ago

Yeah, They're both on my radar. I just liked the style of deathloop, and I like most of Housemarque's work, and this looks interesting.

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