All Assassin’s Creed Games Ranked From Best to Worst

While everybody has their favorites, there's no doubt that some Assassin's Creed games are simply better than others.Here's how they rank in our opinion.

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FloydianAndroid897d ago

I don’t understand saying assassins creed origins didn’t have anything to do with the assassins story. IT literally ended with the assassins forming. Odyssey is the game that had nothing to do with assassins story.

JeffGUNZ897d ago

True. I am currently playing Odyssey on PC and man that game is impressive. It's huge, beautiful, and fun, much better than Origins.

maelstromb897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

The core gameplay loop got old and repetitive very quickly in Odyssey. Beautiful and super intriguing world, but environments felt very static with little interaction available. The endless recycling of quests also prevented the game from reaching "great" status in my mind. It felt like they mashed in Destiny/Borderlands quest-styling and were trying to be like those games, more than a true AC game. I couldn't even finish it despite putting around 35-40 hrs into it. My favorite AC game to date is AC 2. Runner-up would be Brotherhood. And I liked what they did in AC 3, I enjoyed the era and the story there.

JeffGUNZ897d ago

@ Maelstromb

I can see that. I feel like their isn't a lot of variety in the missions so far but was hoping that would improve. Kinda bummed now lol.

FloydianAndroid895d ago

I agree origins is beautiful, but I prefer origins. I like the more varied environments of origins and the story better in origins. I also like bayek better than then protagonists in odyssey.

That being said I do prefer the combat in odyssey.

red2tango897d ago

The list doesn't even have Rogue, and Unity isn't ranked last.

RazzerRedux897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

lol....don't like that list. No Rogue. No Liberation. How the hell Revelations is anywhere near number one, no idea.

On Unity:
"However, what drags this game down on every list is the sad state that it launched in back when it was released."

lol...what? No one is going back in time and playing that version of the game so judging the game today by that standard is absurd.

Unity was one of the better games, imo. Certainly better than the original AC which should be just about ACIII which is rightfully in last place. I'd put Unity just below Syndicate.

Here is my list:

1. AC 2
2. AC 4: Black Flag
3. AC Brotherhood
4. AC Origins
5. AC Syndicate
6. AC Unity
7. AC Odyssey
8. AC Rogue
9. AC
10. AC Liberation
11. AC Revelations
12. AC III

FloydianAndroid895d ago

That’s a good order. Origins is my no 1 but I agree with most of your rankings.

Gameseeker_Frampt897d ago

Gamers like to complain about the Ubisoft games formula but seeing how much dislike Assassin's Creed (and Far Cry 2) receive, we are getting exactly what we asked for. The original Assassin's Creed was innovative and based on pure gameplay and gamers complained. The sequels were filled with pointless collectibles and meaningless minigames and gamers rejoiced. In AC2 you needed to loot money from your kills so you could upgrade the Villa which generated the money you needed to buy all the equipment upgrades that AC1 foolishly unlocked for you by just playing the game.