Nintendo won’t refund players who purchased the wrong DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield

Keep a Keen Eye at the checkout

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ZeekQuattro369d ago

Not sure how this even happens. They warn you to make sure you own the game before you download any DLC on the eshop. People need to be more observant.

--Onilink--368d ago

Also if you make the purchase from inside the game, it will take you to the appropiate eshop page.

Still though, I find it abusive that there are versions for the DLC at all, it should only be one

RosweeSon368d ago

Yeah it surely couldn’t have been too hard for the expansion to detect which version it needs to unlock for you. I love Nintendo but this is one of their typical archaic yeah you can use voice chat but through a tin can hooked up to your phone 😅🥴🤷 27995;‍♂️

Sciurus_vulgaris368d ago

There shouldn’t be two simultaneously released near-identical versions of same game also. But Nintendo gets a free pass.

Games1st368d ago

There will always be unobservant people, it's better to prevent it entirely with combined dlc.

Wintersun616368d ago

How mindless nintendo sheep still accept this sort of dual release of the same game and dlc under different name and having insignificant differences but requiring both for full completion, is still far beyond my understanding. Literally no other company would get away with this, but Nintendo get's a free pass every time. How?

TheRealTedCruz368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I mean, Nintendo, as a whole, was the last to even jump on the dlc wagon to any real degree.
That said, they milk the Pokemon franchise for everything it's worth, and have done it pretty much from the beginning.

--Onilink--368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I mean, “both for full completion” is a bit of a stretch. You can get most of the pokemon through mindless trading or just having a friend with the other version.

Different gym leaders are not really something I would consider important.

Still though, I do find annoying that there are 2 versions, and even more so for the DLC.

But its hardly more than a slight annoyance at most

Games1st368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

"most of the pokemon through mindless trading" People paid full price for the game, they should have all the pokemon.

Edgelordsupreme368d ago


No you paid for a single version of the game that has a certain subset of pokemon available.

Wintersun616368d ago


Now imagine there being two versions of a GT or Forza game with certain subset of cars available. Or NHL/FIFA with certain subset of players. The backlash and review bombing would be huge. But nope, not with dear old 'Tendo.

Edgelordsupreme368d ago

To be fair, there is a lot beyond your understanding.

Wintersun616368d ago

@Edgelordsupreme, haha you got me there, can't really deny it. Nice ad hominem btw.

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monkey602368d ago

Sweet Jesus they've even got 2 versions of the same DLC. Thats a complete joke!

dangerousbrian0368d ago

well it makes no difference to me as I have both versions

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