Horizon: Forbidden West Landmarks Shown Alongside Real Counterparts

Comparison photos showcase Horizon: Forbidden West landmarks alongside their real-world counterparts in modern-day San Francisco.

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529d ago
CaptainHenry916528d ago

Looks like they're putting a lot of effort in this game

sampsonon528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Most people thought the game wouldn't come out til 2023. "Aiming for 2021" means it will release late 2021 early 2022.
Happy Happy Joy Joy

CaptainHenry916528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

I say summer 2021 because their game engine was already done for the sequel

ElementX528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

This is my most anticipated next-gen game. I JUST placed my order for a 65" LG CX! It's coming tomorrow. I was going to wait until closer to next-gen launch, but I just found out I'm furloughed from work for the next 3 weeks so I might as well get it now. It might be a $100 or so cheaper by fall, but I'm afraid stores will be sold out! I'm also thinking of getting the Sonos Arc soundbar but that's sold out everywhere so I guess I'll just have to wait.

kneon528d ago

You might want to hold off upgrading your sound until Sony release the initial list of compatible devices that can be used with their 3d audio tech.

ElementX528d ago

Well I thought Tempest uses headphones, which I'm not buying yet. I'm getting the soundbar for movies and gaming with friends over, I think I'll probably use headphones for most of my gaming

kneon528d ago

It's not just headphones, they have definitely mentioned AV receivers, and it may also include sound bars.

Bruh528d ago

I'd wait till Black Friday on that sound bar. I got a full outdoor Sonos set for literally almost 70% off during holiday sales. Not to mention I think if you have the current Platinum headset for PS4, you should be able to get the 3D Audio right off the back. I could be wrong however and Sony might have dumped it for the new Pulse 3D

ElementX528d ago (Edited 528d ago )

Ok, I should probably wait. $800 is a good chunk of money.

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