Grand Theft Auto Online is a killer app for PlayStation 5

The deal between PlayStation and Rockstar has the potential to win over millions of fans for Sony's next console.

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IRetrouk220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Free for everyone was a slick move I have to admit, dont see me playing it though to be perfectly honest, have played it two gens on the bounce now on 4 different consoles, burnt out on gta5 at the mo.

ilikestuff219d ago

I’ll play it again for free, not a lot, and I won’t do any micro transactions but I’ll definitely play some gta online for free.

Profchaos219d ago

Yeah I'm burnt out also I've gone back to replaying the older games and realised just how much more depth to story there was

Bathyj219d ago

Isn't only the online portion free?

KyRo219d ago

Technically yes. Rockstar made a big song and dance that GTAO was given away for free for all GTA5 players.

I still don't understand how people play GTAO though. There's way to much loading and waiting around to do anything. The best aspect of it are the races for me.

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Reefskye219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Shame its only free for a few months so in othet words if u dont buy a console within first few months gopd luck getting gta online for free, imagine paying for gta 5 3 times, last gen, this gen and another gen rockstar know how to milk a game of money

MajorLazer219d ago

Wouldn't you if it's still a top 5/10 seller worldwide every year? It has sold over 130 million copies now and is still continuing to sell at an extraordinary rate. By the time GTA 6 is out, 5 will probably have sold 160/70/80mn copies which is mindboggling.

rainslacker219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Thought GTA was R*'s Skyrim. Only buying it 5 times makes you a casual fan.

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Silly gameAr220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Depending on an older game as a killer app? This is PS5, not xsx.

Chris12219d ago

You're like a parrot repeating the same troll on every thread. So sad.

219d ago
CDbiggen219d ago

Why so many dislikes? I don't want to play that fucking shit again.

CDbiggen219d ago

How are you not bored of it yet?

MajorLazer219d ago

Gaming is a luxury, no-one is forcing you to do a damn thing.

CDbiggen219d ago

Are you sure? So when I get my PS5 I won't have to play it? What a relief.

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spicelicka219d ago

Considering Sony has literally no multiplayer franchises of its own to depend on, this was a good move. Xbox is the better multiplayer console as always, PS is the better single player console as always. Bring on the blind disagreements from people uncomfortable with the truth.


100% agree. I’m an Xbox guy but I own all consoles and even I know that when it comes to single player games PS is the way to go but when it comes to online games MS wins hands down. This is why it’s better to be a multi console owner instead of a drone to one.

spicelicka219d ago

Same! This is why i have both! SPEAK THE TRUTH.

rainslacker219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

I don't think it's a killer app, but it's cool that it's free.

Maybe it's a killer app for some people though. It seems to be quite popular. Not really my thing though.

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TheGamez100219d ago

Eh old game, dont care. We all know dem casuals will still spend a ton on it though.

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