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Mortal Kombat 11's Aftermath is the perfect finisher

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Veneno370d ago

Just picked this up last night and damn I'm lovin it!

The story is an action packed thrill ride. The Kombat is the best the series has ever had! It is absolutely gorgeous. Watching this in video doesn't do the game justice. It's so much more when you play it.

If you've ever had love of MK at any point in it's history then this is a must play. You will love it. I was a fan during MK 1-3 and never got back in. Now is the time to get back.

roadkillers370d ago

ATT is making a huge mistake by selling WB Games to EA... don’t do it!

AK91370d ago

Is that really happening?

roadkillers369d ago

There were numerous heads at ATT talking about selling off some assets including WB games (they obtained when purchasing Warner Bro’s). I believe ATT has 200 billion in debts and is looking to get 4 billion from the Warner Bro’s Games sale.

If this is true, I think they are vastly underselling them especially with the rights to Moral Kombat. That game series is worth more than 10 billion if you include potential movies, series, toys, and games.

Smellsforfree370d ago

I've never enjoyed a campaign in a fighting game so much. I thought it was a really well put together and executed story.

AK91370d ago

The only downside is it negates the MK11 story mode ending with Kitana and Liu Kang which I thought was the superior ending to the series. Still this DLC was pretty good nonetheless.