Why It’s A Good Thing We Never Got Tekken X Street Fighter

KeenGamer: "It’s been ten years since this highly-anticipated, experimental fighter was officially announced, but word has been scarce on the development of its long-promised sequel. A look at its history may prove it's better Tekken X Street Fighter stays dead."

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oakshin408d ago

I don't think they have 100% gave up on it

Half the new characters are street fighters with different names

Look at the new fighter in Tekken 7 it's sagot unapologetically sagot he even has tiger knee rage art

Eien408d ago

a muay thai fighter has a muay thai move just like a muay thai fighter does ... cause you know, there was a muay thai fighter in tekken before Fahkuram ... but nah, rip off character ... idiot.

oakshin408d ago

fahkumrams portrait is sagot and he even says "tiger knee" you even play the game...wait a minute you don't know what your talking about at all

Eien407d ago

@oakshin "he even says "tiger knee"". Fahkuram doesn't speak english ... but thanks for pointing out who doesn't know what they're talking about lol

AK91407d ago

I agree I'm glad we got Tekken 7 instead although SF5 started off as an abomination it's gotten better with updates.