Gamers can now claim a free copy of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” via GOG GALAXY 2.0

"We’ve recently finished celebrating the fifth anniversary of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and yet here’s another good reason to be a fan of this cult game from CD PROJEKT RED. So if you already own the game on any PC or console platform, you can claim the GOG.COM copy for free with GOG GALAXY 2.0." - GOG and CD PROJEKT RED

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TGG_overlord53d ago

Very, I just hope that I will have enough HDD space for it lol.

Obelisk9253d ago

I have GOTY edition on Playstation. Does it count?

SegaSaturn66953d ago

Yes. But it's having server problems.

Kados53d ago

Just claimed the GOTY edition from my XBone copy.

Obelisk9253d ago

Claimed. Full GOTY game on PC for free. Incredible.

Tapani52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Had GOTY edition on Playstation's Europe store, linked with that account and got the GOTY edition on GOG. Tested it this morning, looks way better and is 60fps+ all on ultra including hairworks on and upscaled by Trixx boost 70% of 4K and RIS on with Sapphire nitro+ 5700XT. Some artifacts, but better than checkerboarded 1440p on PS4 with 20-30fps. This also completes my Witcher GOTY/Enhanced Edition PC collection! Pretty much the only Western RPG series I like, although I think the first one was the best.

I wonder what happens if I unlink the account or use another region of PSN account though...

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BrainSyphoned53d ago

Owners of Witcher 3 can get another copy free.
People who don’t own it are SOL

I hate the Epic Store but at least the free bait for their store is for everyone.

Kados53d ago

Most of the free stuff on GoG is completely free also. This is a unique promo.

kevinsheeks53d ago

right . . so if you already own it you get another copy . . .lol

Games1st53d ago

Other stuff is for everyone

Chumdiddy52d ago

Yeah, this is cool for owners but the story title is a little misleading.

It's free to those that already own it on any platform, even PC. VERY cool but not free, it's "free".

Epic Launcher free games are shockingly, literally free. As in free-free. You make an account and without spending a penny they just give you games that you fully own with no strings attached at all. The only slight hiccup is that most of the titles need Epic Launcher running to play them. Only a single free title I've download from them didn't require the launcher and/or could be played without it using a .bat file you can make in 10 seconds within a notepad file saying " - Epic Launcher".

That's it so I absolutely get your point and agree. Yet, this still a cool move. CDPR is quickly becoming my favorite gaming company, dev or otherwise.

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SamTheGamer53d ago

I’m gonna get one more copy 😃

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