Rockstar Have Finally Traded-In Their Reputation For Money

Andrew says: "This is the stark contrast between their last two decades of work. The first decade was about building a foundation, forging a legacy. The last nine years have obviously seen a humongous drop-off in terms of output, and shifted their philosophy towards “quality over quantity."

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SickSinceSix221d ago

No, they already did that years ago

littletad221d ago

Now we know why one of the founders left. Perhaps he didn't like the direction anymore.

b163o1220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

I feel as if Ol'Dan (Houser) is going to start his own company. Perhaps he'll link back up with Leslie Benzies, and make a better game...

roadkillers220d ago

Isn't it funny how the media makes their own stories why people leave. Everybody wants to create a story... how is the media and people making stuff up in the comments is any different from what Rockstar is doing?

Lon3wolf220d ago

Was going to say the same thing, as soon as they abandoned any SP DLC for GTA is when I reckon it started.

Godmars290220d ago

Yeah, was thinking that was *AGES* ago.

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dumahim220d ago

Funny thing is, the money they're making is what affords them to take forever to make the games they do to the level that few could possibly match.

Pyrofire95219d ago

Well yeah. That's what the article ends up being about. Bad name for the article tbh.

shuvam09219d ago

Several years between games, and none too likeable at that...

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FallenAngel1984221d ago

A whole generation going by and them releasing only one new game for the entirety of it while all their other IPs go dormant didn’t clue you in?

Where have you been since 2014?

FITSniper220d ago

Same can be said of CDPR. While they released Gwent and the Tales game, those weren't anywhere near a massive effort that Witcher 3 was. Now yes, Rockstar though has seemed focus heavily on the MP component of their games which has driven crazy revenue to them. Not that that's a bad thing. More power to them. I just ask they keep the SP experiences coming to. It's easy to see why RDR2 took so long. The game was utterly massive.

Vegamyster220d ago

CDPR will have Cyberpunk 2077 out this year, that’s two massive games this gen, two large DLC expansions plus a bunch of smaller games, they’re in no way comparable lol.

Movefasta1993220d ago

Those two dlc individually have more depth and longevity then a lot of games.

Khalina220d ago

What are you smoking? CDPR has less than half the people working there than Rockstar, and by the end of this year CDPR will have have released three new (two major) games this gen. Rockstar has only released one this gen. Rockstar even cancelled all their story DLCs for GTA V. Meanwhile CDPR made some of the best and most content filled expansions out there.

Rockstar has many studios and franchises and they just let them all die, because microtransactions are now making them a lot of money. So now Rockstar's number one priority is just trying to figure out to scam people to keep buying microtransactions. CDPR meanwhile has just been working away on creating new content and new games.

JEECE220d ago

It's cool to hate on Rockstar now, so people don't want to admit that a lot of major studios have significantly slowed down in terms of output this gen. Sony Santa Monica only put out one game this gen, and they get praised for it. Guerrilla only made two, and one was a launch game. If you don't count remasters of last gen games, Naughty Dog will only have two games, even though they had four last gen.

Also, people will get mad and blast you if you put out too many games. So really there's no way to win. If gamers decide you are a bad evil company, you are going to get attacked regardless of the quality of your games.

SamPao219d ago

@JEECE well. ND actually made 3, you know, lost legacy. I mean it takes as long to beat that game as the old uncharted games. So yeah its not really a way to measure things.
Because games got longer. I mean god of war is like 3 times longer than any old god of war no?

JEECE219d ago


It seems like a reach to count Lost Legacy as a full game. However, putting that aside, it seems like from your comments on God of War, you actually agree with my point. My point was that as games have become bigger and more detailed, it is natural for studios to slow down on the number of releases per generation. My point is that people won't apply the arguments they use against Rockstar to other devs who have slowed down new releases just as much as they have.

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FallenAngel1984220d ago

@ Fit

Are you really comparing CDPR to a behemoth like Rockstar?

@ Jeece

Are you really comparing the output of developers to an entire publisher?

Nobody criticizes any publisher for releasing a lot of games, so there’s no damage controlling this.

JEECE219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

I'm not comparing to all of Take-Two, no. And there have been plenty of other Take-Two releases this gen.

"Nobody criticizes any publisher for releasing a lot of games."

This might be my favorite thing I've ever seen on this site. People frequently criticize publishers for releasing too many games.

FallenAngel1984219d ago

I’m not referring to Take-Two as a whole, just Rockstar

I’ve yet to see people complaining about a publisher releasing a ton of games. Even if that hypothetically was an actual thing that still wouldn’t be a problem

goldwyncq220d ago

That one game took over 8 years to develop and is among the best games ever created.

Tyler Durden220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

@ goldwyncq Its really not. Besides the feel of the world and the look of it, theres really nothing all that ground breaking. In fact, most people dont even finish it because its so tedious and boring.

goldwyncq220d ago

The quality of the writing, the AI, and the unprecedented level of world interactivity and immersion makes it one of the best games ever created and its 97 Metacritic score is easily proof of that.

Just because it doesn't cater to the Fortnite/COD crowd who prefers nonstop action over slow-burn character development doesn't mean it's not a great game.

Tyler Durden219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

I already conceded that the world design is groundbreaking. But the writing is abysmal. The characters are not very interesting at all and the story is all over the place. I dont think ive ever meet someone who played GTA 5 for the story. Metacritic score means bery little in this day and age with the state of gsming journalism. I would argue that GTA 5 is actually caters MORE to the COD and Fortnite crowd and thats why its become shallow.

JEECE219d ago

If someone can't acknowledge this, there is almost no point in having a discussion with them. The amount that gamers take for granted is truly staggering. Rockstar is one of those devs that people now take for granted because of their own enormous achievements (Bethesda Game Studios being another). People don't compare them against any other studio actually in existence, but rather against an ideal scenario in their head of a studio that puts an RDR2-quality game out every 2-3 years, which is not a thing that exists.

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BigBosss220d ago

Greed has poisoned mens soul -Charlie Chaplin

V3geta220d ago

No one gets into business for any other reason than making money.

Ristul219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Some people invest time and money in companies in order to do what they love, making money is just a means to an end - so that they can keep doing what their passionate about.

Then there are those that invest their time and money with only the drive to make more money.

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KingofGambling219d ago

Marriage is fine as an institution, but bad as a habit - Buster Keaton.
I know its got nothing do with the article. It's just I saw you quoted a comedy legend, so I quoted one too.

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ClayRules2012220d ago

Years ago, Rockstar did this. It’s a darn shame too.

I mean, as much as I personally loved GTA5’s campaign & Multiplayer as an overall package, and thought they delivered a very good multiplayer mode, I wanted some SP DLC, which would’ve made them plenty of millions alone in that itself. No doubt gamers would’ve bought, as I’ve seen from so many who’ve expressed disappointment from it not having happened. But what can you do? Rockstar see many are just buying to darn “Shark cards” and the company’s made so much money its absolutely sickening.

Now, looking at Rockstar’s quality of games, I do believe they’re still at the top tier in the industry, no doubt about it. Their production values, work, story, and gameplay (yes I said gameplay) for me was very good/solid in RDR2. I loved the realistic approach and slowness of everything pretty much in the game, although I know many didn’t, which I do understand and that’s fair. But its a shame their focus on GTA5’s online has driven them to shift focus to not online putting so much focus on that which takes away from their other IPs like Max Payne, Bully, Manhunt and so on, but only getting one game per the last 2 generations from them.

I sure do hope the PS5 will be a real change for Rockstar to bring out more than one game (not remastered GTA5 for PS5/Xbox series X) but multiple IPs this console generation. I won’t hold my breath tho.

rpvenom220d ago

I think what we need.. is a GTAO killer or next GTA clone that surpasses GTA.. I know it's unlikely but hopefully someone new can step in the ring and dethrone them to make them want to release good games again.

ClayRules2012220d ago

Yeah, that’d be nice. I’d be all for that. Some company that’d bring real competition to Rockstar’s GTA. Because we all know “Watch Dog”s didn’t do that lol. But I’m anxious to see how that WD’s legion turns out.

Kabaneri220d ago

Maybe if Saints Row went back to its roots.

GameZenith220d ago

I think the Cyberpunk 2077 online component will be big. Also Cyberpunk 2077 while not get the same amount of sales as GTA, will certainly out do RDR2 and many people will start proclaiming CDPR as the new king of the open world experience. Again, not taking damage to Rockstar sales but they will feel it with their reputation.

This along with the inevitable Witcher 4 coming off of the success or CP2077 will be enough to light a fire under Rockstar.