Log into World of Warcraft tomorrow for free achievement and pet

Massively: "We've got a hot tip directly from WoW Insider for you this morning. If you've got a currently active World of Warcraft account, and there's any way at all you can spare the time tomorrow to log in, do it! Tomorrow is WoW's fourth birthday, and Blizzard is handing out some presents for all the players logging in on this auspicious occasion! Simply logging your character into World of Warcraft tomorrow will net you an achievement and an in-game pet. The pet is the cutie-patootie shown above, a "Baby Blizzard Bear".

The achievement is a one-of-a-kind can't-get-it-any-other-way feat of strength achievement. Other achievements handed out for this include other date-based events, things players will never be able to get again."

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Jotenks3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

Thank you Blizzard and I just recently joined to, not my idea of a type of pet but should be interesting to care for it while leveling and trying to earn a lot of Gold in the process.

though what do the achievements do if anyone could please tell me? Are they just for show?

Captain_Sony3837d ago

You do not have to care for pets in WoW unless you are a hunter and it is a combat pet. Most achievements do nothing but some give special titles,pets, and mounts.