Prepare Yourselves, the New Wave of Remasters Are Coming

Chris writes: "Sony's PlayStation 5 event took place on Thursday last week, and it all kicked off with a reminder that video game remasters will remain to be a thing."

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RaidenBlack107d ago

Sony will employ Bluepoint for future PS3 exclusive Remasters/Remake. MGS4 is the prime candidate. Maybe MGS1, too?
Read somewhere RDR1 is being Remastered too.

NeoGamer232106d ago

IT is concerning that the same gamers that talk about wanting new IPs all jump on the bandwagon of remasters, remixes, remakes, etc. The only reason these companies build them is they make money.

I am not at all against full remakes, where the upgrades are very dramatic. Updated graphics, updated gameplay, updated everything where they obviously built from the ground up. Bring them on!

But, if the game is delivered as a port to take advantage of the new hardware, this is why I like the Cross-Buy and Smart Delivery stuff. Making me pay even $20 for a port (disguised as a remaster) is ridiculous.

I don't care what the game is, remasters should be delivered for free, remakes are chargeable.

Futureshark107d ago

I think (hope) that with this generation we will move away from simple remasters AKA ports, and what will we see more of is full remakes of older titles, as we've seen recently with Resident 2 & 3, as well as Mafia 1 coming soon.

ActualWhiteMan107d ago

God I hope so. Remasters aka upscale resolution has been kind of a joke for some developers.

zacfoldor107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I'm okay with ports. Especially ones that eliminate loading, increase resolution, and even framerate. While I would prefer new assets, they aren't strictly necessary. I'm fine with ports of great games that take advantage of the new hardware. I would rather not wait an extra year for better looking trees/leaves, and also I'd rather that year be spent developing a new game. However, I still want my old games too, so bring on the ports. That said, I'm also very happy with well done remakes like RE2/FFVIIR.

Kabaneri107d ago

Rockstar is beyond greedy, they never gave us a Pro/One X upgrade for GTA5 so they can charge us $60 a third time. Would not be surprised if they also remastered RDR2.

Spartacus10107d ago

If you hate the practice so much and think its a problem, yet you buy it 3 times, maybe you're a part of the problem?

I never finished the game so I'll get it depending on what the other launch titles are.

REDGUM106d ago

Hey Kabaneri, i thought the upgrade on ps5 of Rockstars game is free to ps4 owners?
If this is the case, not really greedy it's the opposite infact.

Or did i hear & read the announcement wrong?

Kabaneri106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

They are making a PS exclusive standalone f2p version of GTA Online but the campaign upgrade is not free.

REDGUM106d ago

Aghh, thankyou, I did misunderstand it then.

Latex74107d ago

The only remaster i want is ssx tricky so loved that game i want new next gen games and maybe bloodborne if we cannot have bloodborne 2

solidt12106d ago

If we don’t buy them they will stop making them. That way they will just focus on making new games.

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